Hyocheon Jeong aka Poetic Persona: An Artist that Touches Your Heart!


It is being said that human begins are the greatest creations of God; He created the most intelligent and the most powerful beings on this planet. Apart of His creations why humans are exceptional is due to the fact that not only they know how to develop their livings standards but also it has developed it’s senses with time.  We humans are divided into two categories depending upon the way we think good and evil. Good is the positive energy and negative is the evil energy these both have powers. But the question is which energy released has more power?

The fact that writers and painters think differently is because they not only rely on  the human anatomy which to be reflected in their works of art but also the beauty of human emotions if it touches the hearts that’s it but if it somehow failed to connect with the hearts then there is no point of describing just the anatomy because human beings are not all about the anatomy it’s about the emotions the fillings and if captured like a heart is being captured by a lover then that’s the true form of art.

Hyocheon Jeong aka Poetic Persona is a Korean writer and illustrator she captures human emotions in her drawings in the most beautiful ways. We are honoured to have her with us.




Glamour Infusion: Hello Hyocheon Jeong and welcome to Glamour Infusion, it’s such an honor to have an artist like you with us. First tell us what are your inspirations in life? And what makes you draw such beautiful and heart touching illustrations?

Hyocheon Jeong: I was questioned about this before and I always replied that my inspirations are the stories of people around us. I think that all the people around us have their own stories. It is not to be special or great. We observe and learn many things in our daily lives. Not only love, happiness, hope but also hatred and jealousy exist in our emotions. I think that all of these things are special parts of life. Some moments seem to be small and trivial, but that were etched deeply in our mind. I want to portray those moments with my writings and drawings. And those moments make me want to draw more with passion.


Glamour Infusion: Tell us something about your family background people you are closer with and how you get into this field of art. Also, would you like to share with us any of your most memorial childhood memory?

Hyocheon Jeong: My boyfriend is very sweet and funny also my friends are cynical but considerate. My family is always filled with love. I feel love and get consolation and lesson from conversation with them. I write about it first, and then I draw it. This is my way of working.
About most memorial childhood memory, there is the artwork about it. Its title is fingernail moon (it means new moon. You know, that a cut nail looks like new moon). It is the story about my mom when I was very young. My mother was always busy, so she used to cut my nails at night time when I was sleeping.  I think she was worried about that I looked like a child who won’t get enough care such as my long dirty nail or outfit. She was so busy but always cared and gave me so much love. I felt love and care in my sleep. It was my precious memory so I drew it. This is how I do my drawings all filled with inspirations and beautiful moments which I cherished the most but at the same time I want to show all the human emotions.


Glamour Infusion: Tell us something about your upcoming projects? Are you planning to work on a web novel or web comic?

Hyocheon Jeong: Yes, I am drawing right now but there’s no plan for web novel or web comic.


Glamour Infusion: You have shown beauty of relationship in your art work. How much do you believe in the power of love?

Hyocheon Jeong: Actually, I think that not only love but also negative feelings such as hatred or despair have power and energy. My artworks become known as romantic moments, but I’ve drawn illustration about negative feelings more than about love. But I think that love has the greatest power of feelings. It helped me to start my work when I had nothing, endure difficult time. That’s when I started to draw.


Glamour Infusion: And lastly, may I ask what is on your bucket list that you wish to make it come true? If not what’s your dream?

Hyocheon Jeong: My bucket list and dream is to making a book with my writings and illustrations. Now I don’t dare do it, but I really want to do it in future hopefully.




You can follow Hyocheon Jeong on her Instagram account id @poetic.persona

Also you can see her beautiful art work here portfolio site   www.grafolio.com/zohadi90



Hyocheon Jeong is both an artist and a poet if you see her work you can see she has done poetry on each of her art work which is so beautiful and heart touching.

We only own the pictures which have our copyright mark, we take no credit of the pictures other than ours. All the above pictures belong to the artist Hyocheon Jeong and are uploaded with her permission. 

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