Igor Dobrowolski: A True Artist of his Heart, Voice of Many People & A Remarkable Street Artist who portrays the societies Emotions on the walls.


Artists and their artistry, is something really difficult to explain, but easy to feel and relate to our inner deepest emotions. One thing is sure, what artists speak is not their brains but they speak their hearts out. They think and feel with their hearts. Their strongest emotions can be felt on their pieces of artistry. A heart can never lie so an artist can never lie to its true feelings.

Igor Dobrowolski is a Polish artist. He is also famous for his street art; He walks into the Polish streets see the people there with their suffering faces, those who are in agony he feels their pain when they are hurt by the evils of society. He feels for them and wishes if there is something he could do for these suffering people so he paints their emotions on his pictures and on the streets showing the cruelty of this society that we are living in.

Today we are going to share his interview with our dear readers and fans.



Glamour Infusion: Igor hello and welcome to Glamour Infusion first tell us about yourself where you have born and breed?

Igor Dobrowolski: I was born on 14.05.87 in a small dying city Jelenia Góra / Poland.


Glamour Infusion: The toughest experiences of your life and what have you learned from it?

Igor Dobrowolski: The most important moments are those, in which I try to fulfil my dreams, and these moments are non-stop every day every second, I do not exaggerate it’s just like that. Did I learn something? Yes, think about your dreams before you start them because unfulfilled dreams can destroy you; suck your life out of you. So if you decide, then you have to go all the way, no words can describe it, it’s just madness.


Glamour Infusion: Why you choose to be in an artist. If you would not be an artist then who would you be?

Igor Dobrowolski: I cannot answer this question because I do not know why I chose this way.  What would I do if I was not an ‘artist’; I would probably work at the cash register in Tesco.

Because I’m not good in many areas. Now I wonder how many artists are there, who work on ”cash register”who have never been able to discover a talent or continue their talents because of financial obligations or problems.

Glamour Infusion: You are serving humanity by your profession.  What makes an artist being very much realistic?  

Igor Dobrowolski: I do not know if I understood the question well. I think in times when we are standing on the verge of environmental disaster, where nuclear war is at hand and many more serious problems. We as people have a duty to fight for a better world if we do not do it, we will destroy the prospect of a decent future for our children or grandchildren.


Glamour Infusion: Most of your work reflects the pain, sadness and grieve of this world why you are not showing the beautiful side of this world with your paintings / projects?

Igor Dobrowolski: I just want to give a voice to the voiceless. Because for many, the world is a merciless thing just because they were born in a bad time and place, not because of their fault.

Glamour Infusion: What is the most important thing for the leaders of the countries to understand to stop the war and killing?

Igor Dobrowolski: They will not understand anything. The people have to press as in any major changes like, women’s rights, gay rights, or the rights of black people, they were changed by groups of ordinary people (activists) who gave time, health and often life for a better future.


Glamour Infusion: We simply know that you are never targeting certain brands and entrepreneurs, but we also know that there are many entrepreneurs almost everyone is always seeking for the cheapest opportunities to produce their products. My question here is, if there are deals made, why are not such deals made which can actually compensate those who always suffer major loses.  What message you like to give to such businessmen and brand owners and even the Government people who are directly responsible for such losses.

 Igor Dobrowolski: ” Gain wealth, forget all but self ” is a silent standard slogan of large corporations. I have nothing to say to them.


Glamour Infusion: A few words on Syrian War and people who are fighting in the world for their rights like in Kashmir, Palestine and Rohingya?  

 Igor Dobrowolski: No words will ease their pain and no word will help them. We must actively work to help them.


Glamour Infusion: We know that you have painted many pictures showing the sadness on the faces of drug addicts and their abuses. How much our society is being affected by drug abuses and what initiatives must be taken to stop drug addiction? How to create awareness and be a responsible citizen?

Igor Dobrowolski: From my insight into the subject, the drug itself does not make you an addict, these thesis studies confirm. In simplification Lack of meaningful relationships between people that cause to run into the addiction. Portugal example showed us that the legalization of drugs and transfer of money to improve social ties and psychological help for drug addicts, instead ”war with drugs” significantly reduces drug addiction.


Glamour Infusion: What brand owners and businessmen needs to understand?

Igor Dobrowolski : We all lose, of the short sighted profits , brand owners and businessmen  also will feel the consequences.

Glamour Infusion: What are we lacking?

Igor Dobrowolski : There are many things we lack as a society such as understanding, empathy, unity etc. I think it is caused largely by financial enslavement or the fear of loss of resources to live, also by manipulation by large corporations. I think this is a more complex question. But I am sure that we, the people, have an answer, everything is in our hands. You have to decide what to do with the future.

Glamour Infusion: The Earth is facing many dangerous like water and hunger crises especially in Africa, also pollution crises, cutting of trees and destroying other natural reserves.  Being an artist if you are appointed as an ambassador of Unicef how would you deliver your message?

Igor Dobrowolski : All I can think of is rather shallow. So my career as an ambassador is rather doubtful. I know that I will try to give my heart to fight for better future.

Glamour Infusion: What is the best thing about being an artist?

Igor Dobrowolski: Firstly, I do not consider myself an artist. Secondly, it is a very hard time for me because I’m fighting for my dreams. So I will write to you when something changes.

Glamour Infusion: People who inspire you the most in your life?

Igor Dobrowolski: There are many people, really whole list, but the most inspirational is my mom who raised me and my brother in difficult conditions, I would never have as much power as my mom.

Glamour Infusion: Luck or hard work, which you mostly believe in?

Igor Dobrowolski: You have to put in an amazing amount of hard work that I cannot describe. If you do not experience it, you will not understand. on the other hand I see even after myself that I had a lot of luck, for example, I was born in a place without a war. I have never been starving or homeless, My girlfriend, my mother, my brother love me and They care about me. I can give you such examples for all day. And none of these examples is my part or contribution so I should be grateful and appreciate it every day and remember that not everyone is so lucky and help them.

Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling young people?

Igor Dobrowolski: I am not in the position to give advice. I would not listen to cliché advice myself. I just feel in my heart that I cannot give up.




Igor do not want to be seen, he do not wants to get famous he has no greed of fame. He just wants to get heard by many and becoming the voice of people which he already is as Igor was not an artist but he was destined to be an artist.

 Igor is not a politician, he is not into politics, he is not a part of any community he is a voice who needs to be heard by many because he speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.


It is said that to reach to the conclusion one must look at both sides of the picture, so if there is happiness enjoy it and feel it, but do not ignore the hard work , efforts and pain which resulted in so much happiness. Remember everyone, respect everyone and give rights to everyone.


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