Im Yoona & Ji Chang Wook have a Real life Chemistry Going on!


Im Yoona 26 years, singer/actor and Ji Chang-Wook 29 years, actor/model have a real life chemistry, it’s not like real life like it’s actually they are having special relationship. According to some rumors and a few unidentified sources who are claiming that they are getting closer. However it’s still not yet confirmed officially if they are dating or not, yet their fans are already enjoying their online chemistry in the drama series (The K2) which is a romantic action drama more like a Hollywood action series.  Despite of the fact that drama is already having higher viewership within the country, international fans are equally enjoying their online chemistry.

The K2 Press Conference: Ji Chang Wook and IM Yoona

Vogue Korea Photoshoot! What an amazing Chemistry!

Im Yoona

South Korean actors and singers have millions of fans worldwide and if we talk about Im Yoona of Girl’s Generation, she is tall young beautiful girl with silky white skin having some great acting skills not to mention her successful career as many of you know Im Yoona from Girl’s Generation.  Also according to Im Yoona said, “I like someone who is reliable and take an initiative in anything.’’ It was when she was dating Lee Seung-Gi by now that’s all in the past. But it looks like she is moving on.

From Ji Chang Wook Official Instagram: They sure have a special relationship what do you think?

Ji Chang Wook

The looks of Ji Chang Wook can seriously cause minor heart attacks since he is incredibly  handsome. The movies/dramas he acted, he either got nominated for the role in many awards ceremonies or he got the award. He is too good for his roles.  As for his love life you won’t be finding enough because there is simply no record or anything he claiming or officially announcing his girlfriend. According to some sources he said that he like to keep it private because he do not want his partner whom he dates to get in trouble so his love life for most is just a mystery.

However, Official or not from their sides(Im Yoona & Ji Chang Wook) we still hope that it’s going to be true even if it’s just a rumor and some of the sources are even confirming at their own end.  Im Yoona and Ji Chang Wook is a perfect couple and they surely have some sweet chemistry going on.




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