Ji Soo & Nam Joo-hyuk together again for A Collaboration?


We last see Ji Soo and Nam Joo-hyuk together in a Korean historical drama series ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’.  Also, as you all know that Ji Soo and Nam Joo-hyuk are long time childhood friends. They both support each other in their careers as well as in their personal lives. They are mostly; hanging out together for where Ji Soo is there is Nam Joo-hyuk. Whenever they have time they go on a trip together they make such a good real lifetime bond. Also, they share their Bromance pictures on their instagram accounts whether it’s Joo-hyuk’s birthday party or any other occasion they are always spotted together.

Recently, Ji Soo and Nam Joo-hyuk they both shared their Bromance pictures on their SNS account but what’s the difference this time? Are we expecting some sort of collaboration here? Hold on, they might be attending a wedding but I don’t think so, what I am sure is it’s some sort of pre-collaborative pictures of their upcoming project.

As in one picture they are standing under a bridge while people looking at them on the opposite side near the bicycle stand, while they both dressed up formally.  In the next picture they are in a bar dressed up casually but here dressing is change too if you see closely Ji Soo is wearing turtle neck sweater with a necklace and white sneakers. Similarly Nam Joo-hyuk is wearing white sneakers and round neck shirt under a black jacket.   In third picture you see both of them outside a hotel posing in front of the camera in formal dressing and the fourth picture is basically a selfie.  So, what do you think? We hope it will be an upcoming collaboration so we can see more of their Bromance.FullSizeRender




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