Justin Bieber Still in LOVE with Selena Gomez ? Can’t Get Over You…


Justin Bieber  everyone knows him even a four year old child knows about Justin Bieber. He is a star whose every single move is monitored by the paparazzis.  22 year old singer song writer is one of the most influenced pop star and most searched celebrities on the internet.  Justin Bieber life is not hidden from the world.   Aside from these paparazzis clicks, social media is playing the strongest role all over.

All these celebrities, politicians, sports personalities, media people you can find them directly responding via social media and today the most used and fastest way to approach them is with no doubt is social media.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin just friends ?

On January 4th 2016 Justin Bieber shared an intimate picture with Hailey Baldwin 19 (fashion model).  We all know that Justin Bieber is really close with Hailey Baldwin.   There are dozens of pictures of them together but not all are intimate, Justin Bieber even mentioned one of his Instagram’s pictures that they are just friends. However as their relationship grows some of the pictures really showed that they are more than just friends.

photo credit goes to the photographer

Justin Bieber can’t Stop Missing Selena Gomez



Justin Bieber Official Instagram Account


However on 20th March 2016 Justin Bieber  posted his  old picture with Selena Gomez on his Instagram’s account where he mentioned the word (Feels) … Which clearly states that he is still missing Selena Gomez no matter how much he or Selena Deny it they somehow have this special connection. The connection of hearts…

Although Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are no more an official couple but they still miss each other. Selena Gomez why is she single it’s not a recent broke up and Justin Bieber why he is single too?  Isn’t this obvious they are missing each other…

If Justin Bieber is expressing his feelings then why not Selena Gomez responding?  Some Questions are better left unsaid no matter how  much we try to get over it this LOVE is something which cannot be controlled.


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