Kareena Kapoor New Salwar Kameez Look Vol 4

Kareena Kapoor known for her stylish looks, she is someone who can wear even inexpensive non branded outfits in most stylish manner.  I have done a survey on Kareena Kapoor regarding her outfits and have written dozens of posts on her outfits like Kareena Kapoor new Shalwar Kameez look then after its popularity I wrote Kareena Kapoor salwar kameez Vol 2 and Kareena Kapoor shalwar kameez look Vol3. This does seems that I am obsessed with her style yes that’s right as in my opinion she knows Asian women better than all the other ladies in Bollywood.

So what makes her that way? This must be the first thought while you are reading my article.  The love for fashion and beauty makes her the way she is. She wears outfits with love of fashion not for the sake of fashion.  She doesn’t wear brands because she want to wear them she does it because she loves it.

Each time I try to look for unique stuff to share here on my blog and I am glad that I managed to do so. Thanks to you all who love my work.  Love of writing is something that keeps me going and I am happy that I write because I love it not for the sake of blogging.

This time I have picked some of the most unique outfits that Kareena Kapoor spotted wearing in the begging of 2014 and end of 2013.

 Look 1


Spotted on a movie promotion Kareena wearing printed patiala salwar and pink shirt with no sheesha work rather than a wider lace is used at her shirt border, embroidered  lace at dupatta border you can’t find such outfit you have to find a designer in you to design something like that. I also design some amazing outfits especially the tradition salwar kameez look. Recently I designed two outfits I will share that also on my blog soon.

Look 2


Kareena loves wearing black color outfit out of 10 outfits 1 is black also black looks sophisticated. Here you can see printed patiala salwar with floral print. Tie and dye shirt that has chiffon arms printed at the front with black chiffon dupatta.  Shirt size does matter here she is wearing very small shirt that you won’t be able to wear normally but that’s her style statement.

Look 3


Spotted wearing on a shoot embroidered shirt that looks ready-made some brand don’t know the name however the cloth quality seems to be not very good. Chanel body cross bag, sandals and aviation glasses to go with.

Look 4


Spotted wearing on an event. White trouser this stuff has to be formal rather than casual. Black shirt again, with the other side dyed white, no need of lace at shirt border rather some embroidery being done on shirt collar and arms.

Lawn Prints

Look 5


Kareena have been busy doing shoots for Faraz Manan Pakistani designer Lawn prints and I just all these outfits. Summer means lawn prints in Pakistan and India so here you go lawn prints.

Off white color elegant as always, these lawn prints are so designer that you won’t need any other detailing works like laces or embroidery. Pakistani Lawn is famous worldwide because of their uniqueness   and quality of fabric. If won’t trust give them a try.

Look 6


Mind blowing black and white print. Lawn print so amazing that can’t keep my eyes off this beauty. Three piece outfits you can buy with chiffon dupatta or your choice.

Look 7


Purple, blues and yellow just what you need this summer. Simple and elegant for a day look in the harsh summers we need something that makes us feel comfortable yet simple and beautiful so here what you need.

Wedding Look

Look 8


Asian weddings are always about lots of shine so here so can see her wearing a classic and traditional salwar kameez something you won’t find these days in the market. Way to shiny

Look 9


A touch of modern and classic both the colours contrasts are modern and the cuts. She is wearing a double shaded salwar, lots of gotta on  her shirt especially shirt border and arms beautiful salwar kameez. I love her Dupatta the color attracts me. Want to buy this color it’s my favorite.

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