Kareena Kapoor Saree-Top 7 Looks

Kareena Kapoor is no doubt one of the top Bollywood Divas who knows how to dress up perfectly wearing desi and western outfits. Kareena Kapoor is loved more for her remarkable taste of desi outfits than western ones.  On occasions and events she is mostly spotted wearing saree or desi outfits with the western twist. She is one of a kind glamour’s Diva who loves doing desi and western glamour infusion.

Kareena Kapoor salwar kameez look is quite famous among young ladies and fashion critics. These critics especially notices her when she wears and what. Kareena Kapoor saree are equally appreciated in the fashion industry.  The reason being she doesn’t wear what designers ask her to wear but she wears which she thinks suits her the best.

Kareena Kapoor saree style is equally appreciated by the film industry and fashion critics she is known for her elegance sense of   wearing desi outfits.  I never know that Kareena Kapoor saree are so amazing until now however I already knew her desi taste so I decided to do a post and I figured out that she has a great variety of elegant sarees in her closet. Let’s find out her top 7 saree looks.


Don’t get your selves confuse here ladies. Did you know that Kareena Kapoor has her statue at madame tussauds? Well yes a few years back she visited London just for unveiling her statue it’s a great honour to have a statue at madame tussauds.  At that time she could be wearing any western outfit as she was in west but she decided to go desi and wore such an amazing saree at the prestigious event. I appreciate her decision as she also promotes her culture where ever she goes.

Kareena Kapoor madame tussauds saree is basically net saree which has gorgeous embroidery and sequin work on it.

Kareena Kpoor saree look1


Kareena Kapoor green net saree this one has lots of work on it it’s a designer saree for sure and I have not seen any Bollywood diva wearing such designer saree.  Have you noticed one thing she is wearing only earrings, bracelet and ring which go with the saree Kareena Kapoor mostly wear light jewellery.  Number 2 in my ratings.

look 3


Red saree so beautiful I love the bronze blouse and beautiful bronze work on royal blue velvet border. Kareena Kapoor has worn many red sarees but this one top it all red sarees gorgeous red saree Bebo you sure have an amazing taste. Number 3 in my ratings.

Kareena Kapoor saree look3

Look 4:

Now this black and white saree is quite different than other sarees.  As the saree has lots of net work see in the picture you can see lots of work at the saree fall. Kareena Kapoor saree has sequin blouse and dull gold gotta lace used on its border.   Best to wear on any event and occasion.

Kareena Kapoor saree look4


This is casual saree and I just love its color especially sequin work on border. Kareena usually wears saree that has embroidered or sequin work. This is her signature style wearing sarees which has work on bordered. This saree could be best to wear in small parties etc.

Kareena Kapoor saree look5


I like the saree because of its blouse here it looks it has some kind of heavy work done on the blouse however it’s not true rather it’s a kind of fabric which is used in making of blouse. The blouse cuts are so just amazing infusion of western and desi cuts.

Kareena Kapoor saree look6


Yellow orange saree which has gotta work and this is not a sleeve less saree as you can see rather the designer has used chicken work on its arms. This saree is perfect to wear on small parties as it gives a more casual look.

Kareena Kapoor saree look7

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