Karlo Svonja: An Inspiring Young Model, Sports Person & A Passionate Person with a lot of Talents & Potential.


Some people are born ordinary , to be unordinary because they have got the potential and enough passion to become the extraordinary to give their best in everything and to be the one who has the ability to stand alone even when it’s rough and tough.  

Karlo Svonja, a 17 years old new it boy. In the world of fashion he has just taken a baby step, is one of the youngest models  around who has just began his modelling career, he has an excellent education record a very good student at his school,  a passionate sports personality with a lot of realistic approach towards life. He is a cheerful loving person who is full of life.

Today we are going to share his interview with our dear readers and fans who love Karlo the way he is.



Glamour Infusion: Hi Karlo Welcome to Glamour Infusion.

Karlo Svonja:  I am honoured thank you so much for having me.

Glamour Infusion: Tell us something about your education, what are you studying? And we have heard that you are a professional sports person.

Karlo  Svonja:  Well, I am going in high school I am an excellent student.  I want to go to college after high school, right now I am in Madrid, before this I have been doing kick boxing I am a pro. You can say kick boxing is my first love and second love is Tennis haha.  And as for my subjects in school I have mathematics and physics.

Also, in my school I tried to establish a music band with my friends and we just started like a regular school band where I played guitar, but unfortunately, we had to stop because one of our friends had to move to another country  and two months after that I started modelling.

Glamour Infusion: Tell us something about your parents and yours background? And why are you in Madrid right now.

Karlo  Svonja: About my parents we are Serbian.   And because I am studying and working at the same time so I am in Madrid.  I have shootings and shows so I need to be here for sometime. Haha
Glamour Infusion: What you love eating?
Karlo  Svonja: Pasta carbonara definetly!!!
Glamour Infusion: Do models really need to be on a strict diet? We have heard that some models need to follow a very strict diet how far is that true?

Karlo  Svonja:  Ahahahahah Noo that’s not true. Right now I eat cheese burgers…I don’t know maybe some models need do that but honestly I eat a lot that’s my truth.


Glamour Infusion: What is your dream?

Karlo  Svonja: I want to be a good human being, a good man, and may be one day the best model. Modeling is my second love after sports.

Glamour Infusion: Do you cook?

Karlo  Svonja:  Yes! I know how to cook. Those who are good eaters definitely enjoy cooking.

Glamour Infusion: There are rumours that mostly models are very rude and stubborn is that true , in the world of fashion where everything is perfect yes they can be like that? What is your opinion here?

Karlo  Svonja:  So, I think that’s not so true, all models are so different and mostly are cool and friendly at least with me, I don’t know about your experiences though. Ha ha

And Do you know that clients more prefer friendly models ? yes they do! They don’t like models showing attitude to them that what it makes a difference here.


Glamour infusion: There is one more thing we have heard that most models are paid by clothes and accessories and few get paid by money. I know that depends on the brands but I have heard that one too. How far is that true?

Karlo  Svonja:  I actually don’t  know that but maybe it’s true or maybe not.. That at least has not happened with me yet haha.

Glamour infusion: What is the best thing about Serbian people?

Karlo  Svonja:   Well in my country the best thing is we are free to do whatever we want to do. No one force nobody.


Glamour infusion: Does it mean in your society there is no pressure on kids choosing their own profession etc?

Karlo  Svonja: Ah Yes, of course you need to finish high school but after that you can choose your college then after graduation your job, you can easily go around in other cities and find jobs. (Smiles)

More especially about clothing culture in Serbia what I have observed is people do not care much about their clothing and style or fashion.


Glamour infusion: What is your best childhood memory?

Karlo  Svonja:  Well, all my memories are connected with my high school friends, best friends and my family. Also my sister she is for me something the best thing in life and I can share with her every secret she is my best childhood memory and my best friend as well. You know that feeling when you come home tired and see the face of a family person how it feels.

I am always that brother who helps her sister with her studies and with her problems. You can imagine she is a best student at her school because I home tuition her. She is also like a little kid to me. I am always there for her to talk with her on the phone even when I am away but always with her.


Glamour infusion:  When you celebrate you’re Birthday?

Karlo  Svonja: 11.10.2000


Glamour infusion: What’s your signature style?  If you have to choose between fashion and style what will you choose?

Karlo  Svonja:  I will answer this like a model I think I choose fashion.

Glamour infusion: how do you get dressed up?

Karlo  Svonja: I have my casual fashion/style (black pants, white shirt and white sneakers)

Glamour infusion: Something you always like to say in Serbian? (A Serbian phrase, word or sentence you always like to say)

Karlo  Svonja: My favourite word is maybe (you are boring) because I love people who talk with me all the time and I don’t like when somebody is quite.

‘’You are boring-‘’Dosandan si’’

Glamour infusion: What type of music you like?

Karlo  Svonja: Yes I am more for little rock from 80’ and 90’ my favorite songs are from 90.


Glamour infusion:People who inspired you in your life?

Karlo  Svonja:  yes, for me is probably my family, my mom I think because all my family is very successful, lawyers, docs but I think my mom is most successful, she has raised two teenage kids in house and still she has a very successful job.

Glamour infusion: You are a former kick boxer too what similarities do you seen in modelling and kick boxing?

Karlo  Svonja: Ah yes, that’s for me both (modeling and boxing) are identical you need to work really hard on yourself to be the best like a kick boxer.   (smiles)

Glamour infusion:Where you see yourself in five years in your career?

Karlo  Svonja:  May be like top model.

Glamour infusion:  Also what’s your favourite place to visit?

Karlo  Svonja: My favourite place being a model is Paris. Otherwise I like Rome.


Glamour infusion: Your  favorite  book? 

Karlo  Svonja: Probably (Bukowski).

Glamour infusion: The best place to have lunch and dinner?  (All your favourite)  

Karlo  Svonja: It’s a street from my house there is one very secret Italian Restaurant (haha).

Glamour infusion:  Rapid fire round (Questions) kindly choose one option.  Black or White, pizza or burger, Spring or Summer, Tea or Coffee, New York or Paris,  soccer or basketball,  Do you like going in parties or going to your favourite place with your friend more, ferrari or Mercedes ?

Karlo  Svonja: Black, pizza, burger, summer , Paris, soccer, Mercedes, prefer more going to a favourite place with friends, but sometimes party is a good option.

I am not like other person… other people prefer more to be with friends and sometimes alone I am little bit different.

Glamour infusion:  Too many friends or few good friends?

Karlo  Svonja:  Just 2 good friends are all what I need. And believe me sometimes it’s better to have just one good friend rather than have 100 fake ones.  Yes that’s true I sometimes hate money, because that is a way for some people to have control over other people.

Glamour infusion:How do you usually react to critics?

Karlo  Svonja:  I first listen and if that critic is true, I accept that and if its not true I will forget it.

Glamour infusion: Hard work or Luck? What do you believe in?

Karlo  Svonja:  Hard work definitely with little luck!

Glamour infusion: Do you believe in true love or myth?

Karlo  Svonja:  I believe in true love and I will never stop believing in it!

Glamour infusion: Karlo you have a lot of female fans and I am sure they really looking forward to this answer. What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?

Karlo  Svonja: She need to be just happy with me and most importantly she need to be always  there for me and  me for her too, must go with me everywhere I think that’s it and I want a beauty from inside out I mean a girl with a pretty heart not just a pretty face, You know what I mean. :)

And I am like a good man to her not  just a good model, just stay yourself don’t ever change yourself my advice for girls! ha 😉 (winked)


Glamour infusion:if you have a choice to choose a girl next door or a model what will you choose?

Karlo  Svonja: Girl next door! First girl.

Glamour infusion: Oh I am having a feeling you are going to be really famous among girls..

Karlo  Svonja: Haha no that’s not true! but may be 😉


Glamour infusion:If there any welfare work you want to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be ?

Karlo  Svonja:  Oh yes! I like more to buy clothes for women and children and to work with the red cross organization, helping people in our society is the best thing a person can do.  yes that’s what I want to do.



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