Katrina Kaif Beauty secrets Revealed-2014

Katrina Kaif is a beauty symbol of Bollywood she has a perfect body and blessed facial features. She has some diet secrets which we all may not know. However you know me that I am into latest celebrity gossip and like reading and viewing celebrity interviews.

Recently I caught my eyes on Katrina Kaif’s latest interview where she revealed her beauty secrets for her fans. The programme host herself was pretty desperate in knowing more about Katrina Kaif beauty secrets and luckily Katrina Kaif revealed some very inspiring beauty tips.

Katrina Kaif fitness Mantra

I was surprised to know that Katrina Kaif fitness mantra is quite simple nothing fancy about it she won’t believe in eating a lot from restaurants rather she has her own chef yes that’s right. Her chef knows her diet plans and cooks accordingly.

What Katrina Kaif prefers Eating!

She likes eating fish for healthy nails, hair and glowing skin. When asked a diet which you can’t skip in your diet plan she replied, ‘When  eating fish for a week you feel improvement in your skin, nails and hair then you won’t skip it’. She said fish has some incredible health benefits it’s a holy grail for your body.  She believes in eating fresh fish and against frozen products and that’s good from health perspective. As today doctors recommend eating fresh food rather than having frozen as frozen food causes cancer and other diseases and that is quite alarming.

Fresh fruit palette and boiled vegetables

When asked what’s the secret of you pink glowing cheeks she replied, ”off coarse diet matters and I must say fresh fruits can do that.’’ They have the essential vitamins which we need on daily bases and if there be a choice in vitamin supplements I would prefer going fresh.’ Which mean fresh fruits by the way? She also likes to have boiled vegetables as vegetables are also rich vitamins.


Whole wheat chapati a Day!

Wheat has some very good digestive benefits and probably for that reason Katrina Kaif has included a chapati a day. If you won’t like it then go for whole grain bread with some seasoned vegetables.

Workout and Yoga is the key:

Workout is the secret of beautiful body. This is so obvious but what are those yoga asanas which she prefer doing? Well she can do even the toughest yoga asanas with ease. She is been practicing yoga for years now. She believes in focusing more on breathing yoga as well as yoga to have a flexible body.  That explains why she has a perfect and toned figure.

Katrina Kaif Gym Working Out Pictures (2)

Spa Treatments:

If you have seen her hair she hardly applies dyes because she believes that harmful chemicals can damage hair easily. Katrina likes organic hair and body treatments and for that very reason she visits spas which offer hygienic and very good organic treatments for both face and body.

Katrina doesn’t like makeup:

She avoids using makeup in her regular life. You can see her in makeup while on sets or on occasions and events otherwise she is seen with no makeup looks.  Her most loved product is shu uemura cleansing oil which she likes using when removing makeup it also balances PH levels of skin.


Her Diet Plan:

Katrina takes at least 2 glasses of water in morning before having breakfast. She says it cleanse her body very well.


1) Egg white

2) Cereals

3) Fruit Juice she prefer orange or pomegranate

Whenever she is hungry she grabs fruit and eats them. She don’t believe in eating junk food


1) Boiled vegetables or boiled rice

2) Vegetable Salad

3) Grilled seasoned fish

She prefers having boil food and when it comes to fried food she absolutely avoid rather prefer grilled food lightly seasoned with olive oil only.


1) Vegetable or boiled soup

2) Chapati

3) Anything healthy



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