KBS2’s New Drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Is A Hurricane of Dancing Emotions


These days there are so many admirers of Korean Dramas especially after the hit of great drama series “My Love from the Star” many people have become fans of Korean dramas. The reason why there is so much fan following of hit Korean dramas is due to the fact the stories are so damn amazing, actors have a great chemistry and the directors are doing a great job it’s so much hard work and creativity can be seen behind these series that it has grabbed worldwide attention.

Shin-Hye Sun at her Best:

There is another addition to a great worth watching drama which is currently airing on KBS2 “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” starring Shin-Hye Sun a graceful and natural actress has shed real tears of emotions in each and every scene and because of her natural acting this drama has touched the peaks of emotions. How a girl feels and how she connects with others with her cold personality and what makes her heart move which is being locked by herself for years. A story of a cold hearted ballerina who sensed a presence of an angle by her side when she was blind searching for a cornea donor and lost someone important fate changes for her in the most unexpected and somehow in unbelievable way.

Kim Myung-Soo aka L the Appointed Angel Falls in Love:

It’s super exciting to watch someone as good as (L) when a very complex situation develops for (L) he then realized that he was not originally an angel but a mere human who was given another life as an angel who then falls for a human girl who happened to be her childhood friend.

The Music and the Rhythm:

OST (Oh my Angel) is so heart touching and when you watch the drama you will know why it’s so much related.  The difference beautiful moments of (L) and Shin Hye Sun together is so musically connected that the rhythm won’t stop you. You will be feeling an ongoing wave of emotional happiness, sadness and love between them.

Lee Dong-gun is a Love Triangle:

No story is well done without a third wheel, Lee Dong-gun you will not be figuring him as a villain because he is no evil he just is looking for his love but he wants to own the lady rather than winning her heart. The story takes sharp twist when you will find that he was an ex-angel.

A hurricane of Dancing Emotions:

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” A story of Angels falling in love with a dancing ballerina is outstanding. Where both angels and ballerina express their emotions while dancing to the rhythm of their fates is a must watch story.


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