Kim Jae Joong Album No.X Doing Pretty Great!


Since Kim Jae Joong is been busy with his military services but he ain’t forgot about his fans which are desperately showing their support for him each day via social media.

Kim Jae Joong has recently released his second full length album which consists up of 12 amazing tracks. The album has different flavours of music including rock and roll ‘’Good morning night’’ track where Jae joong  welcomes the night by saying good morning.  It has crunchy lyrics and a very nice rock and roll beat.

‘’Love you more’’ is another amazing track, Kim Jae Joong has shown a great value of music in this song. The song is rather very much energetic  where Kim Jae Joong tells his beloved that he loves her more and wants to be loved.   Not only in this song but the other numbers as well including breathing, welcome to my wild world, all that glitters , you know what , run away and others songs of this album all nicely composed.

Music of most songs is more based on rock and roll, electric guitar instruments.   And the lyrics mostly and even the titles are more about Love, pain in love sort of.   Not all but most numbers.

‘’Run away’’ is rather a romantic ballad with soft tune music mostly piano is used, which is kind of beautiful.  The ballad lyrics reflects the tragedy in love as when he approaches his beloved she run away.

This song is also been selected as OST of Korean drama airing these days ‘’ The Descendants of the Sun’’. The drama has already broken records of the most watched South Korean drama ‘’My Love from the Stars ’’ in it’s just first 6 episodes.

‘’Run Away’’   is a beautifully sung ballad by Kim Jae Joong , no doubt it’s been selected as one of OST of ‘’The Descendants of the Sun’’ with this the hype of this song is even more now.

Kim Jae Joong No.X has great expectations and yes its doing amazing and getting a lot of response from worldwide.  Great job Kim Jae Joong!


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