Kim Jae Joong got himself Injured before airing of his comeback drama Man-Hole

kim jae joong

Kim Jae Joong 31 years   singer turned actor got himself injured before airing of his comeback drama (Man-Hole).  His upcoming drama is one of the most anticipated drama for his fans after his comeback from army. Man-Hole will be his first acting project after completing his army training which was for 2 years.  It is a law for all South Korean men to join army and get them trained once in a life time.  Even for those who are a part of the entertainment industry is a must to get army training.

Kim Jae Joong got a huge scar on his right leg although it’s not a severe injury however the fans are already worried for Kim. They are showing their love and support on Kim’s SNS account.


Man-Hole is story of Bong-Pil a young man played by (Kim Jae Joong) who is civil servant exam student for three years. Although he is not interested in the exam so much so like any other boy he wanders around the neighbourhood.   In the drama he does the time travelling to prevent a wedding which is about to held one week later.  The drama is all set to release on August 9th 2017.  The plot seems interesting and by the time of its airing we believe that he will be getting better.



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