Kim Seok-Jin’s Noblesse Oblige – A Web Novel Chapter 1 You don’t have the same moment twice in life

Seok-Jin’s Noblesse Oblige – A Web Novel (Prologue)

Chapter -1

Kim Seok-Jin’s Noblesse Oblige

김석진 노블레스 오 블리 게

You don’t have the Same Moment Twice in Life.

Paris- June 2015 11:00 am


Kim Seok-Jin:  Mom…  I don’t understand what’s so good about going back to Korea?   I want to live in the USA you know that.

Jin’s Mom (Hye Bora):  I am not calling you again I don’t have time for this. Your Father is in Paris so before he knows your still there you must come back immediately understood?

Kim Seok-Jin: Mom I don’t think so I am ready to give my full by taking over Seoul office.   You can ask hyung.

Jin’s Mom (Hye Bora):  What? What nonsense are you talking?

Kim Seok-Jin:   It’s not nonsense    eomma (mom in Korean) …. What…. She hung up on me again…! (Sigh)  darn it… looks like I am in trouble this time.

Kim Seok Jin calling his Hyung (Jin soo)…

Kim Seok-Jin:   AA Hyung?  An yong(hello)? Can you do me a favour?

Hyung:   What for?

Kim Seok-Jin: Hyung it’s me Jin- A (polite version of saying name)….

Hyung:  I know it’s you Brat Seok Jin but I am all out of favours for you this time.

Kim Seok-Jin:   AAA… Hyung-nim (in disappointing tune) ….I just remember there is a new limited edition Gucci shoes I have just got.

Hyung:   What is it this time?  Is it about a girl?

Kim Seok-Jin:  Ah seriously hyung-nim you know that I don’t have time for that…it’s about life or death… Please distract Dad for a few days he is so angry I can’t face him this time.   I need to clear things in my head first…

Hyung:   Distract for few days … hmmm… why do I feel there is something fishy..?

Kim Seok-Jin: There is nothing fishy Hyung-nim you know I can’t hide things from you.

Hyung: Ha…I know you.  (Taunt)

Hyung:   Oh Jin-A I will call you in the evening. I got to go now.

Kim Seok-Jin:   Wait Hyung-nim…

 Hyung: What is he keeping from me this time? (Thinking)

Seoul  3:00 PM
Hyung -nim (Jin soo) calling his assistant (Min Jun) in the office.

Hyung -nim (Jin soo): Min Jun report me on the recent Paris auction within an hour I need the names of the bidders.

Min Jun: yes sir

After An Hour

Min Jun: Sir,   here is the list of the bidders.  Among the bidders there was only one unknown.   And the clues lead to Sir Seok-Jin.  However money trail cannot be traced… I am sorry.

Hyung-nim:  So that’s why you need to clear things Seok -Jin?

                                                                 6:00 Pm Paris Time


Jin soo (Hyung-nim) on the phone with Seok-Jin

Hyung: I just had a call from your Dad he is not happy, he wants you to come back this week.   I couldn’t hold him back … He is already much distracted because of the Paris Auction incident.  By the way why did you argued with the Kong Yong group’s heir when he already paid 70 percent for that painting?   You know this group is a major share holder in Jin’s group.  Where are your business ethics?

Kim Seok-Jin:  Ah hyung nim…why are you lecturing me now? You know that he was showing off his money besides bidder does not pay in advance …he was just looking down on others.   That bastard Baek Hyeon …… I am just happy that in the end the other bidder got the painting.  It’s not like that I like to have painting collection … Ohh Hyung-nim my head hurts…

Hyung: What now? Are you alright?

Kim Seok-Jin:    I think I have a fever and I am not feeling well. Mom also scolded me on the phone so I don’t have energy left to talk to you.   I will call you later…Bye.

3:00 AM in the Morning Paris Timings
Kim Seok-Jin   checking his phone

Kim Seok-Jin:  What?  Text message from Hyung (Half asleep)

Kim Seok-Jin :   What is this? Seoul ticket 8:00am this morning confirmed.  I am sorry Jin-A.  Your Dad said so.  I had no choice.  Kindly do not resist this time.  You know your Dad very well. FYI he is also in Paris.  See you in Seoul.


Kim Seok-Jin:  Darn it Hyung!  you  are good for nothing.  If only I was still in the USA   …. (Sigh)



To be continue


Protagonist: Kim Seok-jin

Jin’s Father (Kwang–jo Jin)

Mother: Hye Bora

Hyung-nim: Jin soo ( Jin Soo  Kim Seok-Jin  first cousin from his  Father’s side)

Hyung means older brother in Korean language.



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Kim Seok-Jin’s Noblesse Oblige” is my special new web novel it’s about our modern society  the place where we are living in should be beautiful.  I am devoting my all to make it super interesting for everyone.  I hope the next chapters will become even more interesting.  Always waiting for your feedback!

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