Krikor Jabotian The PRINCE of Lebanon Haute Couture Fashion Scene


Knowing the art of design and mastering all the techniques of constructing and sculpting to create lavish voluminous shapes is an absolutely astounding achievement itself. When talent meets skills it’s a sign of something big going to happen soon because the fashion revolution demands talent and skills together.

Krikor Jabotian is a very talented aspiring young new generation Lebanon haute couture one of a kind  fashion designer who is familiar with different and unique designing techniques and cuts,  he can be extremely creative, someone who can easily create the lustrous volume and can do the playful sculpting.

Blessed with special talent of creativity he also can create, form and shape pieces of cloth into 3D dresses. Although the dresses are all not so traditional, by not having the usual trademark of Lebanon fashion. However they are all unique pieces of art which are truly different and above all they not only meeting the requirements of international Haute Couture fashion sense, the pieces are all set to revolutionize the International fashion market.

The Different About Jabotian

Looking through various pieces created by Krikor Jabotian where there was a model, all dressed up in a backless dress like Roman goddess. Now the question is all the Lebanese designer can create in other words are creating this sort of traditional and cultural inspired remarkable dresses.But what’s so different about Jabotian designs I mean how can you recognize his work done on the outfits?  His dresses have specific extent of volume plus the cuts are kind of different and unique. Above all he is not fixed with this same old Haute Couture legacy he is changing the fashion scene a prince soon to be a king.


Krikor-Jabotian-The-Last-Spring-15 Its not the usual type of Lebanon Haute Couture its different


Master of Haute Couture and Royalty

Krikor Jabotian is not a bigger fashion house yet he is creating most feminine pieces of haut couture not only for his clients but also for the Queen of Jordan (Queen Rania).

If you do not know his bridal gowns are sold for $ 25,000 the amount of work, quality and the beauty, the dresses are simply breath taking. He is the master of bridal wear.



Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif wearing Krikor Jabotian


emmys 2015
Regina King wearing Krikor Jabotian at Emmys 2015


Influence on Lebanon Haute Couture:

With all this he can be a greater influence on Lebanon Haute Couture fashion scene not only because  he is a new blood,  he is an aspiring new generation designer  indeed who has the ability and who is introducing something really unique which might reshape Lebanon  haute couture fashion scene.

The most exciting thing is we got this chance to interview the one and only Krikor Jobatian. He is so amazing and we really loved interviewing him.

Very Stylish Krikor Jabotian PRINCE of Haute Couture

Glamour Infusion: First tell us where were you born and bred?  

Krikor Jabotian: Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon

Glamour Infusion: You’re Design Philosophy?      

Krikor Jabotian: Elaborate, Feminine and dramatic

16204 2016


This is just WOW! what do you think ?

Glamour Infusion:  You began your work at Elie Saab’s creative department how was the experience?     

Krikor Jabotian: Working at Elie Saab helped build my foundation in the realm of design and most importantly offered me direction in how to create my own brand – to become an entrepreneur. Creatively the experience introduced me on how to appreciate and utilize embroidery. I initially never enjoyed working with embroidery, yet the experience at Elie Saab taught me how to create beautiful pieces using this embellishment. From there, I started researching how to mix materials, colours and shades and create my own embroidery patterns.

Glamour Infusion:  When you first realized you should start your own work?    

Krikor Jabotian: After receiving the positive feedback and acknowledging the reaction from both press and clients in regards to my first collection that was presented at Starch boutique in Saifi Village, Beirut.

Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in your life are?

Krikor Jabotian: A woman’s silhouette


Glamour Infusion: Hard work or Luck?  What you believe in the most?  

Krikor Jabotian: A combination of both but of course, without hard work you cannot rely on luck as luck is driven by motivation. When hard work meets luck!

Glamour Infusion: Lebanese fashion designers are the masters of haute couture. Do you think that Lebanese fashion designers have a different take on haute couture fashion which is also the reason of their popularity?  

Krikor Jabotian: Not necessarily – I believe the success of Haute Couture in Lebanon is merely based on the culture of the society and the region of the Middle East. Middle Eastern fashion is very much based on the glamour and glitz, hence the reason why Haute Couture designers are prominent in Lebanon.


Glamour Infusion: Your designs are more than couture they are like elegant, unique pieces of art created in the most beautiful style, what is the one thing when designing your dresses you cannot compromise on?

Krikor Jabotian: The finishing and the quality of the fabrics – the inside of a dress is what a woman first sees, hence the inside of a dress is equally important to the outside of the dress.


 Glamour Infusion: Tell us about your future plans?  

Krikor Jabotian: Establishing the brand more in the media and press and mostly engaging the brand in public appearances such as the Red Carpet.

 Glamour Infusion: You have even designed dresses for little princess do you have any plan to start a complete accessories line for women and girl.  

Krikor Jabotian: Design their headpieces as part of their veils or to accompany the veil. Our headpieces are very elaborate and detailed and precisely represent the brand image.

Little Princess wearing Krikor Jabotian with so much style so adorable


Glamour Infusion:  You have a really amazing personality and I believe you have a lot fan following especially girls. What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?

Krikor Jabotian: Patience is what I look for in a partner



Krikor-4-blog (1)


Happy Brides wearing Krikor Jabotian

Krikor Jabotian models wearing dresses as if they are covered in flowers and brides looking like heavenly angels. We say what can he not be creative with, just give him a beautiful piece of cloth and he knows how to create a heavenly piece from it.

 Glamour Infusion: What is the most challenging material for you to work with? 

Krikor Jabotian: Chiffon as I do not relate much with fabric

Glamour Infusion: What advice you would like to give to struggling Fashion designers? 

Krikor Jabotian: Do not lesson to the noise along your creative journey and most importantly build and stick to your own vision.


It is said that we are where we always want to be and where we should be is entirely in our hands. It’s up to us to either keep moving on in the right direction to achieve our goals and share the stage with the warriors.  We all have talents in us but those who truly acknowledge their abilities and learn like a good student for a period of time can do miracles in this world.

The smiling face PRINCE of Lebanon Haute Couture Fashion Scene Krikor Jabotian


We wish you all the very Best!

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