Lee Joon-Gi has Matured As An Actor


Lee Joon-Gi, 34 year old South Korean actor, model and singer emerging as a new matured actor with a completely transformed look for his drama serial Scarlett heart Ryeo the Korean version. In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Lee Joon-Gi revealed that he has lost 15 pounds for the series.  He played the role of arrogant and brutal/cruel the 4th prince of Goryeo era.

From: Lee Joon-Gi ‘s official Instagram

You will also be able to see Lee Joon-Gi, 34, in an upcoming Sci-fi action film, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” Where is played the role of Umbrella Corporation’s Commander. Shared in one of his Instagram post you can see a few second clip of Lee Joon-Gi in the Sci-fi action movie.  The main lead actress Milla Jovovich, 40 year old  also seemed to be very excited working with Lee Joon-Gi shared on one of her Instagram post.

Also he has a very decent charismatic personality. He seems to be very much connected with his fans especially on Instagram where he recently shared his childhood picture also events picture with his fans.

From: Lee Joon-Gi ‘s official Instagram

Although he has a short appearance in the movie however this will definitely give him a chance in other mega Hollywood projects.  Lee Joon-Gi is among those few South Korean stars that can be seen in Hollywood movies.


From: Lee Joon-Gi ‘s official Instagram


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