L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair oil Review

Hair care is as essential as skin, body and nail care. Those who ignore caring their hair always end up in miscellaneous hair issues.  For instance hair fall, dandruff is one of the major hair issues which can be resolved by taking a good care.

My Experience Using L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary hair oil

I mostly prefer using organic hair oils however this time I thought of using something different. A hair oil which not only has nourishing properties however it can be used for styling purpose as well.

I am always fascinated by L’Oreal shampoos, conditioner and hair care products and for that reason I end up buying L’Oreal Elvive extraordinary hair oil.

I usually buy product online so when I received my parcel I was really excited using my new hair product.   Since the product was new so I really want to give it a try. This is one of the most raved about products among beauty circles when it was first launched and I no less wanted to try this amazing hair product right away.

My Experience using the product

Since I have super oily scalp and skin so I was a little scared using this product. There are ten ways to treat oily  scalp and hair you can read this blog post as well.

When I first open the product and use a few drops of L’Oreal Elvive extraordinary hair oil it was smooth like serum and has a thicker consistency than any organic oils or non processed oils. There is no way I am going to compare it with organic oils because this product is not organic however it has certain nourishing properties of its own.

I washed my hair and applied a few drops of oil on my hair and my hair felt so smooth and they smelt amazing too.

Here I am going to mention pros and cons of the product

L’Oreal- Elvive-Extraordinary-Hair-oil


1) Smells amazing just like a nice flower

2) Non greasy

3) Makes hair smooth

4) Helps in hair detangle easily.

5) Little goes a long way

6) Nice packing

7) Not much expensive

8) Good for normal to dry hair


1) Not good for oily scalp and oily hair people

2) Not travel friendly its packing is of glass

3) More like a serum

4) Not best for styling hair if you already have oily scalp naturally it will make your scalp and hair oily more quickly

My ratings


I won’t buy this product again since I have oily scalp and oily hair naturally.

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