Lose weight fast with these Amazing Top Ten Tips

Putting on weight is not that difficult thing to do however losing weight is a difficult task and a slow procedure which means you cannot lose weight in a day or two. However it always takes time to achieve your target.

Here I would like to share some amazing tips to lose weight. I am sure these tips are going to be useful for you in losing weight fast.

1) Eat same meal twice

Eating same meal twice will make you lose some weight unless the meal should be healthy and has counted calories.  Now how this trick works? Eating same kind of meal will make you bore and automatically you will eat once and skip the second meal.

When you start feeling bored of eating same meal twice this means switch second meal with fruits only. I hope you understand what I mean to say.

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2) Walk counted miles daily

Set up your alarm clock or cell phone to particular time. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day in house or outside your house. Walk in park is always preferred.

3) Drink water more

If you drink more water your stomach will be filled and you won’t need to eat much automatically you will lose some weight.

4) Cut down some of your food portion

If you feel you have already put on a lot weight then just divide your food portion in to two portions and eat only one portion.

5) Join Gym

Particularly the second best trick which always works is setting up a good gym  routine. It will help you not only in losing weight but also you will help to have a toned body. Gym instructors are  quite helpful in providing you the right diet plan which results in losing weight. Sometimes these diet plans are so effective and  have  super food which ultimately result in height gain.


6) Make yourself busy

If you make yourself very busy you won’t eat much however when you feel you are free you will automatically search for food. Keeping yourself busy is one of the best tricks which help you in losing some weight.

7) Breathing Yoga

Some of the breathing yoga asanas work very well in losing weight such asanas are usually perform empty stomach. Such as anulom vilom and kapalbhati breathing technique.

8) Eat pasta more

If you eat more pasta rather than eating fast food such as burgers and pizzas you will automatically feel in losing weight so it’s a better thing to switch to pastas.

9) Do not buy anything from grocery store which helps in putting on weight

When you visit grocery store only take limited amount with you so you cannot shop more. This way you will only buy products which you need the most. It will also save your money.

10) Make a complete diet plan and strictly follow

If you really intended to diet then make a diet plan and strictly follow it to have the results.




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