Lucky Blue Smith a Gorgeous Mythical Character from Fairy Tale?

lucky blue

The concept of fairy Tales and beautiful fictional mythical characters although exists in fantasies, movies and dreams only however sometimes these characters come to life and they sparkle the world with their magic. It’s very rare though but it happens out of the blue whenever it happens.


Fairy Tale



‘’It began not so long time ago… there was a young boy living with his family…one day he and his sister got discovered by a person who had a sharp eye and can see extraordinary hidden talents and abilities … the boy then along with his sister began his new journey… as he grew older he learned a lot and became more and more gorgeous. It’s all in his genes he has that amazing powers to attract people but he doesn’t know that.   Platinum blonde hair, beautiful sharp attractive blue eyes, flawless skin he grew up tall and handsome unlike any other young boy he was very different.

Just like the most gorgeous Angel ever descended from heaven.

The news of his beauty and talent spread far and wide across different lands and soon he became the most gorgeous Fashion Prince as he is drop dead gorgeous. Each day he has new ambitions and new exciting things to do. Beautiful maidens from distant lands want to marry him, he make them all feel that they are special because he love them all from the bottom of his heart, but his heart looking for the one who can really make his heart race … he became more and more popular with each passing day …sometimes he use to think is it weird to be proud of yourself …?  He admires all those who loves him and knows his true worth.’’

Fairly tale to be continued!

Lucky Blue Smith Who is he?


Lucky Blue Smith although started his career at a very early age he was not very popular at the beginning of his career .However he continue to take different projects. Then suddenly after 14 he grabbed media attention and that was the beginning of his golden career.

It’s true that

Lucky Blue is actually a rare kind of blue sapphire who has very unusual mythical properties, it is forever associated with good fortune and a symbol of beauty, power and strength itself also related with kindness and wisdom it’s indeed a magnificent gem of gems. 

It’s a fact that in this world too, exits people and things which looks and sounds mythical but in reality they actually exist.

However the human nature can never be changed and reality cannot be denied.  A fact to remember is no matter who ever you are and whatever you have become, people always are attracted to gorgeous, loving, humble, kind and polite people who are not fake as fake things and people can never win hearts.

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