Lucky Blue Smith A Young Boy in Love?

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Being young and being in love is more than just a blessing itself, and the best thing happens when it’s a two sided love rather than one sided.  Well many things happen in real life although the feeling of love is magically sometimes the magic works like a miracle however sometimes the situations becomes totally different.  Today we have social media and it’s quite powerful if you do not know.  The celebrities are really making headlines just by a single post on their respective social media accounts.

Lucky Blue Smith 17 years is young at heart, most charismatic personality, he is to be honest one of the most gorgeous human beings and apparently he is in love with the beautiful Barbara Palvin 22 year’s actress/model.   The story is as follows.

Lucky Blue Smith, although he is following so many super models on his Instagram but the thing is Barbara Palvin 22 years is the only one he is desperately posting tweets about and even commenting on her Instagram pictures which shows he is openly announcing that he likes her a lot I mean Ahem Ahem somebody posted a picture which even showed that he said ‘’Love her’’.

Even though Barbara also follows back Lucky on Instagram but she seems to be quite about what Lucky comments on her profile.   Even he said’’ Crushin’’ and posted her GIF on his twitter.  There are many ways he showed his interest in her.



On March 2016 Lucky Blue Smith commented on Barbara Palvin Instagram post.


Lucky Blue Smith is super doper shining star at this very young age.  We really think Lucky deserves a chance at least this once.   We say young boy is really in love so please Barbara give him a chance.

And yes you guys will really make a great couple together.


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