Lucky Blue Smith & Cameron Dallas A Massive Rumble in Milan Fashion Week!


A few years back when there was  no internet and no  active social media , the designers, brands owners had entirely different approach to make their fashion shows a massive hit, they  mostly  invited famous celebrities and known personalities from the world of sports, fashion, showbiz and even politics.

But these days where social media is everything, it’s creating all kinds of awareness, buzz and since everyone has an access to it.  Somehow it feels like we are entirely controlled by social media.

Cameron Dallas a 21 year old,  social media sensation who loves Men’s fashion ,also he has more than 9 million fans alone on Instagram,  was invited by Calvin Klein as a guest for their Fall Winter 2016 Show.


Just outside the building where the fashion week activities were at its peak, there gathered a massive crowd of teens who were totally cheering for Cameron.


Camerondallas Instagram

Just a single Instagram post by Cameron created so much buzz that it caught attention of thousands.   Well this is really awesome.   I must say that not only celebrities but these days social media sensations have great fan following and they are no less than any celebrity.

lucky blue smith twitter

Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith although he is only 17 years old most in demand Male Model but honestly speaking Lucky is more than just a model, he is pursuing acting career as well.

photo credits to lucky blue smith fans

It never happened before, that a male model becomes so much popular that almost all the International newspapers and magazine wrote amazing articles on him, even Hollywood directors want to sign him.


Outside the building a massive fan following waited for him and best part was, Lucky interacted with them as much as possible there were videos uploaded by his fans where he was hugging, blowing kisses, taking selfies with them and giving autographs. It was an extravagant view.

photo credits to lucky fans
Lucky Fans during Milan Fashion week 2016
Lucky fans are indeed Lucky
Lucky with his mother-Photo credits to Lucky fans

It won’t be fair to compare these two as the only thing common is they both are social media sensations however the reasons of their popularity are entirely different.   They both are famous and loved by their fans and public, this is all we need to know.

It would be entirely justified if I would say that  Lucky Blue Smith and Cameron Dallas alone created a massive RUMBLE in Milan Fashion Week 2016/2017.



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