Mac Neutral Pink Color Lipsticks-Top Eleven

Mac cosmetics have never failed to impress us in many ways and when it comes to Mac stunning lipstick which has an amazing formula is simply undeniable. Celebrities like Kim Kardasian love Mac lipsticks. Kim Kardasian Nude Makeup Look is one of the most famous looks where she has used Mac Angel lipstick with Nars cosmetics Turkish delight lip gloss. She revealed the products in one of her makeup interviews.

The best thing about Mac lipsticks is that it gives oomph to over all makeup which looks professional. If you don’t even have learned a professional makeup you can still learn and use Mac cosmetics to achieve a professional makeup look perfectly.

Nude and neutral lipsticks are highly popular these days and ones with the neutral pink color suit almost all skin tones as Mac cosmetics has a great variety of lipsticks to offer.

I have selected some of the top most loved pink neutral shades.


Mac Angel Lipstick:

First we have Mac Angel Lipstick which is a soft pink color with frost finish. This is a beautiful color a perfect nude / neutral pink shade which looks perfect on tan skin as well as light, fair, medium skin tones. The formula is perfect it simply glides like butter on your lips and lasts for hours.

Mac VIVA Glam V:

It’s a universal color by that I mean it suits everyone. No matter what skin tone you have it really a nice color to wear. More like a casual everyday color. It has a luster finish and it’s a neutral pink with pearl.

Mac Crème Cup:

This neutral pink color is for fair skin tone people it won’t suit those who have darker skin tone. The formula is same and application is great.

A Novel Romance:

This is one of the Mac newest lipstick really nice colors. It’s a light cool dusty pink color.

Mac Myself:

This one is my favourite color I just like this shade it actually suits me more. It suits Asian skin tones. It’s more like beige color with a little shimmer in it however it’s perfectly neutral color.

Mac Modesty:

The color is perfect for Asian skin tones. Also I suggest best for medium to darker skin tone.  It’s has crème sheen to it. It’s a beautiful muted neutral pink color.

 Mac Blankety:

A soft pink beige color which is perfect for medium, olive, fair skin tones looks best on tan skin. Not look so great on darker skin tones.

Mac Brave:

Pink beige with white pearl I think it suits more on Asian and darker skin tone it would be a neutral color for medium, darker skin tone but not for fair skin tone people it will be considered a bright look rather than neutral on fair skin tone.

Mac Snob:

A light neutral pink color suits more on light skin tones. On darker skin tone it looks neon which I believe is not a neutral color for darker skin tones.

Mac Pink Plaid:

A dirty blue pink color which has matt finish a very different color this is which do not suits everyone. It depends on your choice which you would like to choose.

Mac Politely pink:

This is a dirty pink color with shimmer finish it’s not matt at all.  It has cool tones and gives you a glamorous look when wearing this lipstick you don’t need to put on lip gloss over it.


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