Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: A True HERO!


We humans are a combination of all sorts of emotions and our everyday lives are a reflection of these emotions.  Emotions can’t be controlled rather they are to be expressed in to the most unexpected and most outrageous ways.  Some people are very beautiful just like a true artist and musician as they express the gift of emotions like no one else. So much about these beautiful people, they will tell you the stories of their lives as how they were emotionally unstable and how they overcome the hardships and difficulties of their lives by facing them with enough courage which took them years to build just like a mason who collects different types of materials before the constructing of the main building and then following the exact blueprint of this building to construct a house where they welcome everyone with their open arms. These are the people who make the imperfect moments of others and their own lives into the most amazing, unforgettable perfect moments.

We happened to meet such an amazing person who is filled with so much energy and  beautiful emotions according to him

‘There is beauty and sensitivity in each moment of life that can be felt in the right ways only if one can build up enough courage to make it into positive vibes and then share all of its beauty with others.”




Glamour Infusion: Hi Mads welcome to Glamour Infusion, it’s a pleasure having you with us today.  So tell us something about you, where are you from?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: My name is Mads Bylov Nikolajsen, and I was born on the 5´th of December, 1998 in Kolding, Denmark. In the summer of 2016, I became a model for Elite Models Copenhagen, when they scooped me at a concert. And since then, I´ve started to work in Greece and Milan also.

Glamour Infusion: You were born and raised in Denmark, how many siblings you have and about your parents?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen :Right now, I live together with my mom, dad and my little brother. We have a strong family bond, and we tell each other everything.

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorial childhood memory?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: My first trip to America when I was around 10 years old. I remember how different it was from Denmark. We went to San Francisco (Beautiful city), Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and I remember how overwhelming my encounter with Las Vegas was. Even though everything was ‘fake’ it was far from my reality. But I also remember that I saw really poor people for the first time in my life, which you do not see in Denmark. So that trip really showed me the diversion between the poor and the rich, because America got extreme examples of both scenarios.


Glamour Infusion: People you are closer with are?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: Mainly my family. There is nothing I can´t speak with them about. Every time something is wrong or something good happened, I will go for a walk with my mother, and speak with her about it. My brother and my father is also there all the time.

But of course I have also got my friends. I´ve got a lot of good friends, and a few really close ones. I like to spend time with them, and go out with them in the weekends.

Glamour Infusion: People who inspire you the most in life?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: Again, my family, but especially my brother. He plays football on a high level, and do good in school at the same time. He really is a fighter, and that is really inspiring.

Glamour Infusion: Your dream is?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: Right at this moment, I just want to see where the wind takes me. I hope that I can go far as a model, but my long-term dream is to get a university degree in “Politics and administrations” and work for the Department of Foreign Affairs. Hopefully as a diplomat or even an ambassador one day.


Glamour Infusion: Your favourite song?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I have got so many favourites, I like everything from the cheesy pop songs, to the soft rock songs, and the DJ´s classy club songs.

Glamour Infusion: When you were in an elementary school you were being bullied by the kids in school you for being ugly and now that you are a model of fashion campaigns how you feel? And one day if you got a chance to meet all those who bullied you what will you say to them?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: Yes, I think my life is kinda like the tale “The Ugly Duckling” by the Danish author H.C. Andersen. I was not the greatest looking, when I was a child, and therefore some guys at my school found it funny to bully me about it. But I think that has given me the ability to not care about what other says about me today.

If I got the chance to meet them today, I actually don´t think I wanted to say anything to them at all, because I have laid that chapter about my life behind me, and I have learned from it, and it forced me to grow stronger. So if I should say anything, it would be “Thank you”, not because they did it, because bulling is wrong, but because I was not affected in a bad way, I grew stronger from it, and if they had not been bullying me, then they would have been bullying somebody else, and maybe that somebody, would not have got out of it the same way I did.


Glamour Infusion: So you have finished your high school when are you going to take admission in university?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I think I will in the summer of 2019.



Glamour Infusion: What is your favourite local place to have dinner and what is your favourite Danish dish to eat?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: My favourite local place to eat must be Atami Sushi in Kolding, because I am craving for sushi almost 24/7, hehe. But my favourite

I think my favourite Danish dish is Koldskål with Kammer junker, it is a dessert you get in the summer, and it is close to buttermilk dessert, I think. We make it our self, and it is made by, sugar, vanilla, eggs and soured milk, and then we put Kammerjunker in, which is a small dry biscuit.

Glamour Infusion: You know how to dance? What is your favourite dance style ?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: When I am out with my friends, I think that I am a good dancer, but the videos I see the day after tells a different story. But hey, I love to dance, even though I am not the greatest at it.


Glamour Infusion: A place you want to escape to is?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I tend to keep everything important in a radius of an arms length away from my bed. So my bed is the answer. You can feel every emotion in your bed, all from crying of sadness to crying of laughter, so yes, my escape place is my bed.

Glamour Infusion: Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings series or star wars?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: If I should pick one, it would have to be Star Wars, I like the films, but I am not like a crazy fan. If you would have asked me about Harry Potter, then yes, I am a huge fan of that universe.


Glamour Infusion: If you ever to star in a James bond movie what will be your famous dialogue?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I would follow the footprints of the great Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, and become a villain. But I think I would be that casual super villain, who has a bunch of servants who does it all, and my only job will be to spin in a chair, petting my cat and then say: “I´ve been expecting you Mr. Bond”- and then an burst out into an evil laughter.



Glamour Infusion: Your signature style would be?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: In James Bond, I would be casual, but super evil.

Glamour Infusion: The best thing about you is? Which of your habit sometimes you find annoying?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I always tend to see the best in people, and often I put their needs before my own. But that is maybe also the habit that I sometimes find annoying. Because I have been let down by some people before, that I called my friends, and when I look back, I can see now, that I gave them a lot, but received very little in return. So I think that one of my greatest strengths is also of my greatest weakness.



Glamour Infusion: Hard work or luck? 

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: Hard work! (And a tiny bit of luck won´t hurt).

Glamour Infusion: Do you believe in true love does it actually exists or just a myth?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I think true love does exist, even though I haven´t found it yet.


Glamour Infusion: When you celebrate your Birthday?    

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I celebrate my birthday with my family. We get a good breakfast or brunch, and then we are together the whole day. In the evening, we will go out, and eat sushi.

Glamour Infusion: Are you good at cooking what can you cook for us?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I´m not Gordon Ramsay in a kitchen, but neither am I an “Idiot sandwich”. But if you like pancakes, then we can arrange something.

Glamour Infusion: The best fan service you could give to your fans?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: If you ever want something in life, you need to work for it, and you need to make decisions, and every decision have consequences, and it´s only up to you, if you are able to live with the consequences or not.

Glamour Infusion: Any advice you like to give to struggling new generation and to the bullies? 

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: Like Henry Ford once said: Whether you think you can or can´t you are right”


Glamour Infusion: Where you see yourself in five years?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: In five years, I am almost done with University, and I am on my way to start a career at the Department of Foreign Affairs.


Glamour Infusion:    If there any welfare work you wish to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be ?

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen: I am actually working as a voluntary in this place for younger kids, and helping them by providing a fun and safe environment for them there. But I would really like to travel to countries there are struggling after natural disasters, and help there.

Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming projects. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen :Thank you, you to. I will keep you updated :)



Today people are seeking for the perfect rather than knowing the true meaning of life they don’t understand that the most beautiful are those who make the imperfect into the perfect.

Mads Bylov Nikolajsen  is so much talented he is not only good in his studies , life has a deep impact on his thoughts, he is a believer , he knows that everyone deserves to live a good life he believes in hard work and thinks that heart is a place where all the good things can happen.

”A potential Super Model, A future foreign ambassador/Diplomat and above all a true humanitarian Mads Bylov Nikolajsen   is truly a HERO! ”

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