MARINET MATTHEE -A Woman’s Heart is What Reveals a Woman’s True Beauty

Marinet Matthee for Marie Claire Arabia

Beauty is something that can cast magic spells, Legends says, it has immense powers by which it can control anyone.  Beauty has many meanings and it does not always refer to the physical looks it also refers to the inner beauty.  The kindness of one’s heart can be felt instantly, it makes you the most beautiful person in the world no matter what you are, it is the only language that anyone can understand.

Although modelling is a tough career to choose however it’s worth it if you trust and push yourself fully to the limits, it’s about confidence, hard work and again you don’t have to forget who you were and who you are.  Those who are only after fame and use whichever means possible to get to the top is just like running in a marathon without knowing the destination. However those who keeps a perfect balance in their lives, their career develops a perfect sensibility and these are the people whom no one can stop in reaching the top.

       Marinet Matthee is a gorgeous super model who believes a woman’s heart is what reveals a woman’s true beauty. Her attractive personality and smiling face tells so many beautiful stories of her life. She is cute charming and above all she has a beautiful soul and a heart. The softness of face and her gorgeous smile reflects her inner Strength & Beauty. With the dark brown hair and blue eyes she has got both western and eastern looks which also reveals her as one of the most versatile female models in the fashion industry. 



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Glamour Infusion: First tell us where were you born and bred?

 Marinet Matthee: I was born and bred in the Northern suburbs
Of Cape Town- South Africa.

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorial childhood memory?

Marinet Matthee: Wow, this is a tough one as I have many fond memories for many different reasons. But a memory I always think of very fondly as an adult now, is the precious years I was lucky to have a Sheepdog- Roxette. She was my best friend and we did everything together.

Glamour Infusion: How you first got discovered?

Marinet Matthee:  Every year my high school had a pageant competition and after entering, with pressure from my mom, I ended up not getting in the Top 20, but volunteered to parade some clothes for local designers while the real contestants were changing for the next scene. That night after the pageant, I got scouted by an agent from Cape Town. I got braces, finished school, started travelling and the rest is history.

Marinet Matthee-Harpers-Bazaar-Greece

Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in your life are?

Marinet Matthee:  My mother is my number one inspiration for many reasons. She is beyond strong, independent, inspirational and always makes me see the positive in every single situation. She’s a wonderful human being that has made me the woman I am today. A couple of months ago I was blessed to have another phenomenal woman in my life. She is inspiring in everything she does. By just observing her, I get motivated and inspired to myself beyond my limits.

Glamour Infusion:

  Your favourite skincare products? What is the secret of your beautiful skin?    


Marinet Matthee:  There are so many products I love! I’m a skincare-product-addict! I switch a lot between my favourites, depending on what my skin needs and what my travel schedule looks like. At the moment, I’m using a range of Shu Uemura skincare products and it’s awesome! Another favourite would be Kho Gen Do.

Glamour Infusion: Are you a makeup person or like being without makeup in your daily life. Any advice you like to give to girls who are makeup addicted?

Marinet Matthee:  I’m definitely a little bit of both. I like just all natural most of the time especially to give my skin a breather between shoots, but I do really love to indulge into makeup and practice the little things I liked that the makeup artist did on set.

Glamour Infusion: Your signature style would be?

Marinet Matthee:  This really depends on my mood. I’m all about being comfortable. Sometimes a bit too much, I do admit. At times I want to dress really girly and other times really masculine, but I think most of the time it’s a bit of both.

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Glamour Infusion: What you mostly love to eat (your favourite food)?

Marinet Matthee:  I’m such a carbs (carbohydrates) person! My goodness, give me pasta and bread all day everyday and I’ll be happy!
Andddd, avocado!!
Glamour Infusion: Your most favourite fashion campaign was?

Marinet Matthee:  I honestly can’t pick one. There have been jobs that I’ve enjoyed so much and have been so memorable that it would be unfair to single one out. But I think what makes a job stand out above another would definitely be the encounters and connections between the people on set.

Glamour Infusion:  

       What’s the definition of a beautiful woman?    


Marinet Matthee:  ”Heart. A woman’s heart is what reveals a woman’s true beauty.” Honesty, integrity, empathy, humility, loyalty and morals are everlasting. I’m constantly surrounded by the ‘most beautiful ‘ woman, but I’m blind to what your face looks like if the heart and soul of a woman doesn’t shine through.

Danish Bazar
Danish Bazar Magazine

Glamour Infusion: Hard work or luck?

Marinet Matthee:  I think it’s definitely a combination of both. It’s opportunity meeting your hard work.

Glamour Infusion: Do you think true love exits or it’s just a myth?

Marinet Matthee:  I think caring and loving a person is the easiest thing in the world. Making it last, it’s what takes work and dedication. As humans we evolve all the time and as two people you should grow together, respect and have a sense of admiration for each other. What takes work is having patience, empathy and understanding.

vogue netherland
Vogue Netherlands

Glamour Infusion:  What qualities you might be looking in your future partner?

Marinet Matthee:  Honesty, loyalty, trust, a great sense of humour and of course sharing the same morals. To find a soul that you can be your true self with and grow as a person and have those important qualities is irreplaceable.

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Glamour Infusion:    If there any welfare work you wish to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be ?

Marinet Matthee:  To give every child a plate of food three times a day, fresh water and an education.

Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling models?

Marinet Matthee:  Ultimately this is a job. There are many pros that come with it and with any job there are a lot of lows. If you love this job- perseverance, kindness, a positive attitude will get you far.

Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming projects. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!

 Marinet Matthee:  Thanks so much!

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       Marinet Matthee is a gorgeous kind hearted person who has great ambitions in life she loves to help people especially the kids who deserve to have basic things in life.  We think she has a great potential as a model she can be an Arabian princess on a magazine cover or she can be a rock star for a rock and roll fashion campaign.    



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