Max Rendell: A True English Gentleman with the oh-so Infectious Charm!

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Modelling is a very different, unexpected and complex profession. From the mouth of many professionals in this field survival is all what it matters and it’s not all about the looks rather the right attitude and the right strategy can get you the right job. But if you are an audience, someone who just admires the beauty on screen then it means you are thinking from a different perspective.             

Favouritism; is for those who have the support of the influencers within the industry. If your father or mother are from this industry and you have that potential it means you can get more, but there are only a few we know who get it on their own, for instance the mothers and the fathers of the big names today or perhaps the most talked about and the trend in people today were once perhaps  on their own with no or less support from the influencers.

Honestly, to be a true star and to spread the star light it’s the instincts you are born with the talents.  But the influencers have a very different take on it; they can make you what they want to make you. But again that does not mean it’s not a place for those who work hard and level their ways up just like a video game where you are the player all you need to do is to understand the rules.

Hard work, looks, the right attitude is not enough you need to be social as well but it’s not necessary  if you are really enjoying it or faking it because honestly there are some places where you really don’t want to go, but with your personality you can still be safe if you are party geek you can approach as much as you can but to be honest are you the one with many good friends or the one with the a few close friends?

It’s not quite easy to open up your heart all the time since heart is a very special place where all the secrets and treasures are kept some even for a life time.  You at least need to be get honest with yourself even if it’s just for a few times, you need to speak your heart out and let know your treasures so that those who don’t know you will eventually start to know the real you and love you for who you are.


Max Rendell is a true English Gentleman when you look at him you will feel like you have meet him before but where have you meet him? Because he is very different, he is jolly will makes you laugh out loud, a person with a genuine heart who has a realistic approach towards life , if you ask him something hundred times he will tell you hundred and one times why because he is ethical, have moral values and is very much chivalrous.  

As a professional model you will know him onscreen how capable he is and how much he has which is a reflection of his hard work.  But as a person you will know him better after reading his interview which we are glad to share it with all our dear readers.



Glamour Infusion: Hi Max Welcome to Glamour Infusion.  First tell us something about yourself and where were you born and bred?  Tell us something about your home town.

Max Rendell:  Hi Glamour Infusion.

So I was born in Cambridge, England and brought up in a small village called Thaxted. A cute little village with vibrant colours and lots of personality. A village in which my parents still live.20838263_130013474276322_3818052194716876800_n(1) 21108019_512340679114906_8018489618468962304_n

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorial childhood memory?   

Max Rendell:  wow, tough one as I had so many… I think it must be the countless getaways/ holidays with the family, playing alongside my younger brother and dog. Countless hours of fun and games with nothing but smiles and laughter.


Glamour Infusion: When you celebrate you’re Birthday?      

Max Rendell: Every day!!!!! But according to my date of birth, 29th April.


Glamour Infusion: You have accomplished a lot being a model you are quite successful, also you are one of the top 50 most successful models.  Not to mention you are also in the hot list. How far do you think you have accomplished. When you first started your career did you know that you will be that successful?

Max Rendell: Most definitely not. I have been very realistic throughout my career, not expecting much at the beginning and knowing throughout that this won’t last forever. I am honoured to have come this far and just like any other job, hope to further myself at every opportunity.


Glamour Infusion: Places you loved to visit and what’s so special about Germany since you have mentioned as it yours second home?

Max Rendell: I have recently come back from Cape Town which was always on the top of my list and South Africa a country I would love to visit over and over again. However my Iceland trip a few years back had to be the highlight for me. Picturesque views, amazing people and endless things to see are just some of the reasons I would recommend for anyone to go there.

What’s so special about Germany is the special person I met from Germany 🙊. My girlfriend brought me to Germany and ever since I have fallen in love with the country and mentality there. I live in the south, so good weather, nice relaxed lifestyle and very close to the Alps – and the airport of course ;).


Glamour Infusion: Tell us about your education? Any of yours special memories with your school, college mates?

Max Rendell: I received my A-levels but did not pursue further with my education as this opportunity came just before I was heading to university.

Once again I have a million and one memories with my school mates, many of which I am still good friends with today, which I am so grateful for.


Glamour Infusion: What are your favourite movie and your favourite movie quote?

 Max Rendell: My favourite movies are usually horror, thriller or suspense films; however I do have a soft spot for the classics, like ‘Titanic’ 🚢.

Favourite movie quote must be from ‘Rocky’: “Life ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”


Glamour Infusion: Your wardrobe must have items?     

Max Rendell: Jackets, jackets and jackets hahahah.

I am a huge jacket fan, bomber, coats, denim… you name it, and I have it. It always adds that little bit extra to the look in my eyes.


Glamour Infusion: Who is your favourite cartoon/Marvel Comic character and why?            

Max Rendell: Not a marvel fan I’m afraid. But Shrek is an all time favourite.


Glamour Infusion: Definition of a true gentleman?

Max Rendell: Polite, respectful, grateful, humble, attentive and charming.


Glamour Infusion: A song which you always love to hear?

Max Rendell: I like me better- Lauv


Glamour Infusion: People you have inspirations from, in your life?  Also People/friends you are closer with?  

Max Rendell: A lot of people, my girlfriend, my family and my mother agents. All people I look up to and only want the best for me by showing unexplainable support.


Glamour Infusion: Which thing keeps you motivated most of the time?                        

Max Rendell: Loving what I do and keeping grounded throughout all the experiences I encounter.


Glamour Infusion: Who have you met that you wish you hadn’t?

Max Rendell: Would need to call my lawyer first hahahah


Glamour Infusion: What you love to eat (your favourite food) and place?  

Max Rendell: Indian food I could not live without; however I have not had the opportunity to eat Indian food in India just yet.


Glamour Infusion: Do you like reading books if yes how many have you read so far and which one is your favourite, also which writer you like the most?   

Max Rendell: I do like reading. I am reading a book at the moment called unorthodox by Deborah Feldman, a real interesting read if you ever get the chance.


Glamour Infusion: How do you describe your style? (Your Signature style)  

Max Rendell: A mix between smart casual and street style. Quite mainstream.


Glamour Infusion: What’s your dream?

Max Rendell: To live a long, happy life and to give everyone I meet the same respect as the next person.


Glamour Infusion: Rapid fire round (Questions) kindly choose one option.   Hot or cold,  Casual or Formal, Black or Grey, Orange or Mango, Winter or Summer , Night or evening , Tea or Coffee, England or Germany, Ed Sheeran or Adam Levine  ,  long drives with partner or going to places, Hermes or Louis Vuitton,  Mclaren or Ferrari ?

Max Rendell: Cold, casual, grey, mango, summer, night, tea, Germany, Ed Sheeran, long drives with partner, Louis Vuitton, Ferrari.


Glamour Infusion: Hard work or luck what do you believe in more?       

Max Rendell: Sometimes you need a bit of both but hard work is something at least you have an influence over, so hard work.


Glamour Infusion: What’s your definition of true love?

Max Rendell: A happy, respectful partnership full of compromises and consistent effort towards one another.


Glamour Infusion: How do you like people to remember you?

Max Rendell: Someone who has never lost touch with who I am or was.


Glamour Infusion: What advice you would like to give to struggling models?       

Max Rendell: This industry is not just based on the way you look. People struggle to understand that your personality is sometimes what it takes to get the job. It is what makes one person different from another and others want to work with you. Be yourself, don’t be what you think the industry is telling you to do or let the industry influence your behaviour.



Glamour Infusion: If there any welfare work you want to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be ?   

Max Rendell: My family and I cook for the elderly, lonely and homeless on Christmas Day every year in our home town and it really warms me that such a small gesture can go such a long way.

I recently saw a documentary on people helping out in third world countries and since then I would love to help build shelters in third world countries to help those in desperate need.


Glamour Infusion: You mentioned in one of your Instagram post that you be sharing a good news?  Would you like to share it with us?

Max Rendell: I cannot unfortunately as I have signed a confidentiality agreement, I wish I could. But let’s just say it was an achievement that I always wanted to reach in the industry.


Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming projects. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!

 Max Rendell: It has been a pleasure as always and indeed will keep you informed on what is to come.




We say, Max is ‘’All about  Happiness, Love, Joy and Graciousness’’ 

we wish him all the very best in life!


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