Mike D’Angelo An illustrious Addition into the A-List Stars of Hollywood Creative Artist Agency


One can only polish itself closer to perfection , when it sets its mind on it, A courageous heart can never give up to its failures no matter how hard things can become , at last it has to reach to its  final destination.


Mike D’ Angelo is a Thai/Chinese brilliant artist, who first started his career as a singer with his brother Golf Pichaya. This super boy duo(Golf & Mike) worked hard together besides their powerful duo they wanted something different to maintain their individuality they split their ways to pursue their acting careers.

Despite of the fact that Mike says he get more renowned  by working into the Chinese entertainment industry also in an interview with Dean Altit (A Hollywood Film producer and Talent manager) where he clearly mentioned that ‘’Mike has so much potential in him and also Hollywood is being majorly financed these days by Chinese money ‘’.  Dean also mentioned that Mike’s English is perfect and in Hollywood there is a desperate need of a multitalented artist like Mike. Dean called him a 360 degree artist someone who can dance, act, sing and model at the same time, which clearly explain the fact why he was so perfect for the CAA.


We all know CAA is a top agency that only considers the A-list material, a candidate before selection has to go through a lot of screening during the selection process which includes going into the daily meetings to the top notch studios like Paramount, twentieth century fox and many others.  So selection into the A-list category can never be a coincidence.

We say Mike was being picked he was not chosen because there ain’t enough good choices to make.


On August 2018, Mike won the best foreign artist award in China; Mike’s acting career got a boost with his Thai and Chinese soap operas where he showed his genuine acting skills. He also says that he will never ever stop improving his skills and will come to the level where he always wanted to see himself.

Kindly  note that,  Mike Pirat  aka Mike D’ Angelo  is the first Thai artist to get  accepted into the CAA, an agency that represents Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and all the renowned artists.

Mike has a surprising fan base, not only in Thailand and China but also in Brazil and Russia.  Currently Mike speaks Thai, English and Chinese also recently noticing his Instagram he seems to be interacting with his fans worldwide while replying them in Russian and other languages, he never failed to surprise his fans.


Mike being so humble: These days SNS accounts have become a much bigger platform for the celebrities to interact with their fans easily and not to mention that Instagram is perhaps the most popular of them all. We first remembered when we connected with Mike on the Instagram and he responded on the comment and replied to our message, a year after he still remember and we are so happy to connect with him via Instagram before the interview, honestly speaking Mike is a very humble person, to his fans he is an idol ain’t no doubt about that.

Mike’s personality:

‘’If we have to explain his personality Mike is an actor who will never fail to entertain you, a singer whose voice can amuse you, a model by looking at him you will feel like he is sent from heaven , his politeness will let you follow him and talk to him and ultimately you will feel like a fan of him.  ‘’

Today we are so happy to share his interview with our dear readers.




Glamour Infusion: Welcome to Glamour Infusion it’s been an honor to have you with us today.

Mike D’ Angelo:  Thank you for having me. I’m also very happy to be interviewing with you guys.


Glamour Infusion: What’s your most memorial childhood memory?     

Mike D’ Angelo:  Well I remembered when I was about five years old and I was in Australia. Me and my family went to the zoo and I got kicked by kangaroo. That’s my most memorial childhood memory.


Glamour Infusion: You have recently joined CAA (Creative Artist Agency) Congratulations on joining such an influenced talent agency.  Can we hope to see you in bigger projects with A-List Hollywood stars soon?     

Mike D’ AngeloThank you very much I’m very excited to join CAA. Right now we already got lots of projects coming in so I am extremely excited about the upcoming projects; obviously I hope to be working with the A-list Hollywood stars as well.



Glamour Infusion: What is your dream project?

Mike D’ Angelo Well it will be cool if I could be a part of one of the superheroes movies such as the Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman and all those stuff I mean becoming a part of Marvel or DC comics is my dream.



Glamour Infusion: The toughest experiences of your life and what have you learned from it?

Mike D’ AngeloI can’t really say which one is the toughest, but I definitely learned something common in all of those experiences. I learned that there’s no such thing as dead end. No matter how big the problem is, it is not the end of the world. You just got to believe in yourself and believe that everything is possible. If this path doesn’t work for you, there will always be another, or just make your own.


Glamour Infusion: Do you have a bucket list for this year 2018? Would you like to share with us some of your wishes?   

Mike D’ Angelo:   I actually have a lot in my bucket list for year 2018. I want do at-least one Hollywood studio movie, also set up a productions company and I want a family vacation trip this year.


Glamour Infusion: You have been blessed in so many ways, your super talented a part from your professional life, you are super handsome Daddy to a cute an adorable son? Isn’t sometimes hard for you I mean being a single Dad we can’t even image how tough it can be. How you manage to keep a balance?     

Mike D’ Angelo  It is indeed very tough. You won’t be able to understand how it is to be a dad until you become one.  It is very hard to balance since I mostly work abroad and I barely stay in Thailand but every time in Thailand I tried to be with him as much as I can and have to spend quality time with him.

36546405_880561912145785_5605544186615955456_n part time crime


Glamour Infusion:  You are a fun loving and sensitive person what do you think are the most important things in life for you?      

Mike D’ Angelo Family is most important to me, family comes first.



Glamour Infusion: Luck or hard work, which you mostly believe in?     

Mike D’ Angelo: I work hard to make myself lucky.  I’m lucky because I work hard. 


Glamour Infusion:  People who inspired you the most in your life? 

Mike D’ Angelo: My parents are my inspiration.


Glamour Infusion: Are you a foodie? Can you cook and what are your most favorite dishes? A place where you always love to have food with your loved ones?

Mike D’ Angelo I only cook when I have to and I am actually pretty good at it. But I normally order food.


Glamour Infusion:  You are more like a National Treasure, people see you as their idol, and we also know you are very polite and humble person who cares a lot about others.   You also love doing a lot of charity. If there is a change you want in this world what would that be?  

Mike D’ AngeloTo make it a better world for us all to live in.



Glamour Infusion:  What things your wardrobe usually have these days? Also your must have accessories when you are travelling (Your favourite products, what you usually have in your wardrobe etc). And what are your travel must haves?

Mike D’ Angelo:  A skin mask, sunglasses, and a cap.


Glamour Infusion:  How you usually respond to critics when someone from the world of showbiz criticises you?

Mike D’ AngeloI stay silent the action will say it all.      


Glamour Infusion:  What is the most difficult thing being a super star? 

Mike D’ Angelo:  What if I never think I am one lol… then nothing is difficult about it at all. 



Glamour Infusion: Any specific acting role you always really want to do?      

Mike D’ Angelo:  The Joker kind of role.


Glamour Infusion:  Do you believe in true love or you think it’s just a myth?

Mike D’ Angelo Some people believe in myth don’t they? Even if it Doesn’t exist, they still believe it.


Glamour Infusion:  You have a really amazing personality and I believe you have a lot of fan following especially girls. What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?

Mike D’ Angelo: Nerdy and smart.    



Glamour Infusion:  What advice would you like to give to the struggling musicians, actors and models?   

Mike D’ AngeloThe only person you have to compete with is yourself. Never give up.


Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!                 

Mike D’ Angelo:  Thank you again for having me it was a great pleasure. And for sure I’ll keep you updated I hope you will follow my journey at my Instagram @m1keangelo . 



‘’Mike is a Star who Shines Brighter Every Time you Look at him’’


(Whether or not you belong to an auspicious family, if you won’t shine on your own you won’t be able to make a mark on your own, even if you are making a slow progress towards the attainment of your goals what actually matters is how much you are skilled in the field work and how much efforts you are putting into it in achievement of your goals.   )



Keep smiling Mike because your  smile is very alluring

we wish you all the best !


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