Most Effective Ways to Treat Melanin

Melanin is not a skin disease neither it is harmful. The only issue is, it looks terrible and gives an uneven skin tone. Before you can treat melanin you must know what causes melanin and why it is formed? Melanin is basically a skin protection layer again UV rays of sun in some causes it is caused by hormonal changes and due to some other reasons as well.

Today melanin can be treated in many ways you can either rely on simple home remedies, use specific organic food containing certain vitamins which help in reducing melanin. Or luckily if you are rich you can ask your dermatologist to treat it.

In post you will find out top ten ways to treat melanin.

Asian people suffer more form skin melanin or you can say where summers are long.

Chemical Peel treatment:

If not gone wrong this treatment can really be effective in removing skin melanin which causes black and brown spots on skin. Melanin is of three types the two types if melanin is particularly found on skin in the form of brown or black patches. Note that melanin is not disease it is formed due to the protection against sun Ultra violet rays.

Chemical treatment performed by a dermatologist depends on your skin condition. Before the treatment the dermatologist examines the skin and you have to pay him visits until all the sessions are completed.



Believe it or not I was watching a documentary on a channel where they performed a test on women who had skin melanin issue not only this they suffered from swear UV condition which destroyed their skin quite bad.

During a month test the women were asked to eat a certain amount of tomatoes.

After a month the results were quite dramatic. The melanin was reduced to 90 percent by lycopene.

Surprisingly tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a natural defence against UV. Not only this certain amount of lycopene is quite effective and you won’t be needing sun block.

The test was successful which means you won’t have to waste money on buying expensive sun blocks.

We are what we eat just remember that.


Vitamin C:

All the citrus family including lemon, grapefruit, oranges, Satsuma helps effectively in reducing uneven skin tone caused by skin melanin.

Last winter my mom had skin melanin issues she always treat skin issues by eating good food. By this she means fruits.  She ate one grapefruit on daily bases after 2 weeks surprisingly her melanin was reduced to 50 percent and that when I know it is effective.

Vitamin C is widely known for improving skin complexion reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone.

I prefer fresh as fresh fruits and food is more beneficial than supplements.


Vitamin E:

When talking about skincare we use vitamin E products particularly creams and oils. All these nuts especially almonds, walnuts, peanuts are rich in vitamin E.  It is also available in form of olive oil, spinach, fish and sea food. All you have to do is include vitamin E in your diet.

When the skin texture improves there will be reduction in dark spots.

These are by far the most effective ways to control skin melanin.

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