My Love from the Star VS My Amazing Boyfriend Drama Series


If you are into Korean Dramas you wouldn’t have missed drama serial (My Love from the Star).  The drama not only topped the drama ratings it broke many records and the cast and crew won so many awards. No doubt, the drama was outstanding; the story line, acting, direction, production, the chemistry between the actors wow the audience.  So much that it got international attention. Story line and romance between the leading roles Kim-Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun also the drama title alone was captivating that no one can resist watching this heartwarming show.

I believe  that we all somewhat this way or another especially the young people always dream of having someone special by their side and when that someone is from the stars means from another dreamy dimension what else we wish to have?  Well this might be too much but its true though the title alone ‘’My love from the Star’’ made many hearts skip their beats’’…

It’s about an alien who looks like human came from stars possessing super powers landed on earth there he meet a girl in different time periods and yet he found himself in love with the girl and there it all begins… for more you need to watch if you really want to feel the depth of emotions.

Now let’s talk about another Asian drama series ‘’My Amazing Boyfriend’’ Although the titles seems just ok. However the story is not just about a girl and a boy it’s about an actress who had bad experiences in her past relationships accidently meet someone immortal but hold on its not a vampire the protagonist is a man with a past having super powers who is searching for the cause of his death and the reason why he is immortal. All of a sudden after an accident he felt his heartbeat similar with the girl’s whom he just saved and there the story begins.

There are so much striking similarities between these two dramas

The Cast Facial Resemblances



The Dressing Resemblances

my amazing


Co incidence or not the dressing even the hair dressings seems to have striking resemblance.  Both the male and the female leads (characters) of the drama series have so many physical similarities.

Resemblance in Story Line

In both dramas they girl is a famous actress and even the roles of the actress seems to be the same funny, and a little clumsy yet successful.  Running away from the ones she cannot be in love with.

Protagonists seem to have super powers and they both have a crush on the girl.

Meeting in an Accident

‘’My Love from the star’’ although started in an old era however the true love begins in the modern era where both girl and boy meet in an accident.

Similarly in the drama’’ My Amazing boyfriend’’ the girl was found helpless in an accident where the boy came and save her.

In short words I would like to say there are so many similarities in both these drama that if you ever want to see something like an unbelievable love story you can watch these both amazing dramas.   Although my love from the stars launched first and ‘’My amazing boy friend ‘’ came later.

Although both of these dramas have quite a number of audience but in my opinion ‘’My love from the star’’ looking from all the perspectives is still the best. What do you think? Leave your comments below.


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