Nariman Malanov- Super Stylish Model & A Warm Hearted Person to Know


Some people are like gems, they shine so bright that the world lit up with their bright spark. They live for others, spreading happiness and love. Not only they are beautiful beings, their hearts and souls are filled with peace, harmony and satisfaction they don’t want more they are not greedy nor they have too much desire of materialistic things these people have kept a perfect balance between spirituality and this world. Where ever they go they are equally loved and appreciated for their beautiful words and deeds.

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Nariman Malanov a Beautiful Person to know

Nariman Malanov is among those incredible people who see the world in a very beautiful and positive way. He is an amazing person who is genuine at heart if you ever get a chance to meet him or talk to him you will feel his aura which is like a bright sparkling light, at a very young age he speaks so many beautiful words of wisdom and knowledge. His thoughts about world and humanity are very deep and heart warming. Above all he is very humble, polite and caring.

He has a beautiful charming personality no doubt, he is a sports person who loves skating wherever he goes, and he loves travelling a lot also likes making new friends. There many amazing things about him which his fans will love to know.

As a model he has greater potential, he is also been a part of many modelling, fashion campaigns. He has that pretty boy face and beautiful smile that melts many hearts.

Wow so handsome

Glamour Infusion: So, tell us where were you born and bred?

Nariman Malanov: I was born in country side of Russia; the name of that place is Ulyanovsk. I was living in a huge house like a castle but then when I was 13 my parents lost their money and in 2 years I left to Moscow.


Glamour Infusion:You’re most amazing childhood memory? (Smiles)

Nariman Malanov: My childhood was full of fun activities. Firstly I would like to say about my dog (German Shepherd) that was my closer friend at that time his name was Bars .He was a bit unusual pet of mine always fighting with his own tail (Laughs) I mean a little bit crazy he was but I loved him. We usually kept him in our garden and the interesting part is whenever nobody was at home I used to invite him inside the house and allowed him to do whatever he wants. I even opened fridge for him so he can eat whatever he likes he was a good pet after all.


Smile and it will make you happy!

When I was 7 years old I lived alone with my mother and at that time some of the rooms in our house were empty and since nobody ever visited the rooms I used to play alone there I even made my own Nari Land (imaginative world like Narnia). Off –course I was not all alone by myself Bars my dog was with me and I spend my time there mostly.

Nariman lost in his Nari Land thoughts such a beautiful world he lives in. A perfect world where there are no worries and no hate just like utopia. I wish I could see this world as today we all need a miracle.

One day I asked my parents to buy me a new bike, at that time some company borrowed money from my family and they eventually returned the money as bikes… and when I get up the next morning I saw about thousand bikes outside my house I was kind of shocked I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not day dreaming. I mean that was unbelievable and the amazing thing was I just gifted one bike to my neighborhood friend and after that I got in trouble (chuckles) … But that was real Fun!

Glamour Infusion: You are also working on a music album when you are expecting it to release?

Nariman Malanov: My band name is LoveMe we are working on music which is yet to be launched honestly speaking we are not quite sure when but I believe we will soon be able to do something different and unique.


Glamour Infusion: You have formed LOVE Community with your friends for better cause to share love and happiness with the world how you guys actually help others I mean share love with others ?

Nariman Malanov: By music, poetry and art exhibition.

Nariman Life in pictures

Glamour Infusion: Before you were a model you used to inline skating and snowboard how is that experience like?

Nariman Malanov: Yea before I started my life as a model I grew up in a city where there were a lot of activities including inline skating and snowboard I was so fascinated that I decided to give it a try. Although it was insanely dangerous and an extreme sport it was. But for me it was magical I just got lost in it and I even won contests… I can say it made me happy.

nariman skating


Now that’s what we call Skating like a Pro!!!

Glamour Infusion: You like travelling a lot and your life is full of adventures what was the best adventure of your life so far?

Nariman Malanov: I like travelling a lot , mainly that’s why I do modelling .I could talk about adventures a lot ,but the best things is when you travel you get a chance to meet so nice, pure and different people. You know it’s one of the best things that happened to me (it is like miracle in this world). (Smiles)

Nariman for Japanese Magazine
Mr Gentleman Tokyo 2014

Glamour Infusion: You’re favorite movie of all time and why it’s your favorite (Smiles)

Nariman Malanov:I don’t have one favorite I like different kind of movies I mean I have a long list of favourite movies and I can’t even compare them, but last time I have watched

The salt of the earth, What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Hole, human mind game” these were the movies I watched and it was really nice.


Glamour Infusion:

You meditate as well what overall effect it has on your life? Do you feel really peaceful and how it actually helps you? 

Nariman Malanov: Meditation is one of the most important things in my life. Many people do this without realizing it I mean they just do even knowing its worth. People have many desires they just are so unhappy with the ways I mean they say I want to be like him/her, I wish I could do that and this, I want to make him/her mine and I want to think like him/her stuff like that. But nobody actually say that or even try to find their own legend I mean they do not know their own worth they don’t even try to find out their true purpose in life which is kind of sad. I was always searching for these answers and I finally find it in meditation. Just do it, make love and peace that’s my motive.


Glamour Infusion: When you first realized that you should start meditations I mean when you had this very first thought?

Nariman Malanov: When I was in china, seeing great china wall… sitting there at that time for a long time it came to me in a very natural way. It happened there! It was then I had this feeling how beautiful and small this world is… and at that time I just got inspired by very different life style I love different cultures and I want to know them so I decided to meditate.


Glamour Infusion: What you love to eat your favorite food?

Nariman Malanov: Water melon because I think it came from the heaven it has that tasty flavors. (Smiles)

Glamour Infusion:If you have to choose between LOVE and HAPPINESS what will you choose?

Nariman Malanov:I don’t get it (Laughs) I mean Love cannot exist without Happiness and Happiness cannot exist without Love.


Glamour Infusion:As a model where you see yourself in 5 years?

Nariman Malanov: Well who knows life is unpredictable.

Glamour Infusion: Message to your fans?

Nariman Malanov: Your eyes are the light, your soul is the colors, and there are no limits to your imaginations so create your own world and make your dreams come in to reality.


We only approach people that have something unique, different in them and Nariman is among those amazing people we have a privilege to know.

Nariman has that natural way of connecting with everyone and his style is also very natural. A perfect face for any high profile fashion and modelling campaigns he can be. He is an astonishing rising star. 

Today the world is filled with hate and negativity we need to know those who have a very positive approach towards life and when you see them, you feel they are the saviors. If you have the eyes and the ears you can hear the sounds which no one can hear and see those beautiful things which no one can see.

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