Nathan Saignes A True Gentleman to Know


Nathan Saignes is a very talented young and emerging new model who wants to pursue his acting career along with the modeling. With a French American background Nathan has a true gentleman aura around him with a very cute smile and attractive personality he is no less than a prince charming.

Nathan is polite soft hearted person if you have seen his Instagram he is smiling in all his pictures which is kind of rare to see, also he is following back almost all those who are following him and this is when we noticed him also he is a very attractive person who deserves a chance to get noticed by many.

from Nathan’s Instagram

What we and you do not know about Nathan is why we arrange Twitter mania where we gave everyone a chance to ask Nathan anything about him. And we are thankful to all those who participated especially those who without knowing English approached us and requested us to ask questions on their behalf.

On May 26, 2016 Glamour Infusion had its first ever Twitter Mania with Model Nathan Saignes.


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Twitter Fan Mania with Nathan Saignes

Q: Do you feel more French or more American? Samuel Muston

Nathan Saignes: I feel half French, half American. I really just choose which I want to be in any given moment. 😀

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: When is your Birthday?

Nathan Saignes: My birthday is June 19th, so pretty soon! :) When were you born?  Hannah

Q: Your favorite perfume? Chun from China

Nathan Saignes: My favorite perfume is Solo Cedro by Loewe. I always wear it when I go out!

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: What’s your dream ?

Nathan Saignes: My biggest dream is to be an actor, and overall to be able to live from doing the thing I love most!

Q: Do you get recognized often by people on the streets?   La grande muette

Nathan Saignes: No, it’s only happened once in NY, and I think it was a misunderstanding! Are you good at spotting models?


Q: Do you prefer trousers or culottes? And what is your ideal temperature level on the thermostat? Tim Fox

Nathan Saignes: Definitely trousers! And I like rooms to be a cool 16 degrees Celsius usually; it keeps me on my feet

Q: Do you prefer wine or lager? Samuel Muston

Nathan Saignes: My favorite drink is a brandy Alexander. But don’t tell anyone…


Q: Who is your favorite Spice Girl? Aniela

Nathan Saignes: Baby, cause she achieved a lot for a pre-teen

Q: Have you ever fall in love? Anna from Russia

Nathan Saignes: Yes, I’ve fallen in love too many times to count!

Q: How old are you and Your education? Isabella from Spain

Nathan Saignes: I’m 22. I studied literature for 3 years and then decided I wanted to be an actor. Then I became a model!

from Nathan’s Instagram -h & m look book 2014

Q: What are your favorite songs at the moment? any particular music genre you like?? Swagmaster2000

Nathan Saignes:My favorite song atm is one I’m practicing, Corner of the Sky from Pippin. I love jazz and musicals.

Q: Any advice you might want to share? La grande muette

Nathan Saignes: Never, ever let other people decide things for you. Follow your heart and wonderful things will happen!

Q: If you were an animal what you want to be? Alex

Nathan Saignes:If I were animal, I’d be a bear. I would love to be a bear! :[]

Q: If we review the songs on your cell phone. How many singers we might find? Diana

Nathan Saignes:I think around 140. I’m a musical monomaniac: I like one thing a lot for a long time!

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: Do you like animes or do you have a favorite Disney character? Ruri from Koyoto

Nathan Saignes: I love animes ! I used to watch them all the time! My favorite was a short one, Shinsekai Yori. Very poetic.

Q: Are you reading any books at the time? Favorite genre? Sonigel and Ayesha

Nathan Saignes:My favorite book is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. And I love reading thrillers, or epics, like the Odyssey

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: I know I have already asked a question but oh my god I love musicals! have you ever performed in one? how many?

Nathan Saignes: I ADORE musicals! No, I’ve never been in one, but I hope to soon! How about you? Creative in space

Q: Fav singer? Diana

Nathan Saignes: My favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald. I’ve listened to her for years! What’s yours?

Q: This a question I make a lot because I can and I want to so, do you like Star Wars? Alessandra

Nathan Saignes: I love Star Wars! I watched the first movies so many times! And I went to see the new one as Chewbacca!

from Nathan’s Instagram cooking something i guess

Q: Desert or sea, ice-cream or coffee, night or day, county or town? (Rapid fire questions from a fan)

Nathan Saignes: Sea, ice cream (any day!), night, country. Preferably all of the above at once! 😛

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: Nathan how many languages you know ?

Nathan Saignes: I know English, French, German, a little Italian, a little less Spanish, Hiragana, a bit of Greek

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: How you first got discovered? Kim from south Korea

Nathan Saignes: Would you believe I got discovered while I was shopping in Paris?

from Nathan’s Instagram

Q: The most romantic thing you have ever done to please a girl? Sarah from Pakistan

Nathan Saignes: Once a long time ago I tried to seduce a girl by bringing her a huge bouquet right to her door!

Q: Black or white, android or iPhone, America or France, Ferrari or rolls Royce? Sofia from Indonesia

Nathan Saignes: Black, iPhone, America, Ferrari.


The rest of the Twitter LIVE session you can view on twitter using hash tag #asknathansaignes

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Nathan Saignes is currently represented by multiple modeling agencies including

New York-Re:Quest Model Management NY

Paris: Premium Models

Milan: Why not model management

London: Established models

Berlin: Nest model management

Mother agency: Premium models (Paris)



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