OPI Passion Nail Polish Review-A Perfect Manicure Color

OPI is a professional nail polish brand which is recognized all over the world for its best selling nail polish collections. In spas, salons and beauty markets OPI is much loved nail polish brand.

OPI manicures and pedicures are much loved by women of all ages. OPI nail polishes are all worth it they are a bit expensive than your local beauty nail polishes but these are long lasting and the colors are just so amazing that you won’t regret buying these nail polishes.

Why I like buying OPI nail polishes?

I happened to buy a lot of OPI nail polishes and this is no exception. I love doing my own manicure and pedicures and for that reason I like to increase my OPI nail polish collection for light shades.

The Whole Story

My preferred manicure shades are cream color, milky pink, nude shades.  Before buying OPI passion nail polish I searched through the internet for the perfect milky pink shade which I was unable to find.   Then a friend of mine recommends me buying OPI passion nail polish as she owned one too. I applied one coat and it looked natural so I thought of buying this nail polish.  It was on my mind for a long time.

Then just when I ordered OPI nail polish two limited collection nail polish sets including OPI mini coca cola collection 2014 and OPI  mini Mariah Carey  liquid sand collection. I had no intention buying OPI passion nail polish until then.

When I received my nail polish sets OPI coca cola mini collection it was in perfect shape however one of its nail polish got leaked somehow due to the travelling may be.  The retailer offered me a free nail polish of my choice since I got it leaked. And then I asked her to buy me OPI Passion nail polish.

When in my second order I got OPI passion nail polish it was in perfect shape. Here is the swatch.

OPI-Passion-nail-polsih OPI-Passion-nail-polsih

My Experience:

It’s a perfect manicure milky pink natural color to wear. One coat is not enough you need to apply two at-least.

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