Park Hae Jin Upcoming Mystery Romance Drama (Four Sons) is Expected to Air in 2018


Park Hae Jin 34 years old has quite a huge number of fan following. After the success of his recent action romance korean drama (Man to Man) which was first aired on 21st April 2017. Now he is all set to surprise his fans with another stunning drama with multiple roles now that’s really exciting.  Park Hae Jin is already known for doing specific roles, roles which are different and tough.  Like his drama (Cheese in a Trap) which is an adaption from a web novel with the same name.

In the drama Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung played the lead role of a young boy (a senior university student) who is cold from the outside, rich and successful though, however he has a darker side of his personality which he used to hide from others as he being manipulative that no one knows except him.  This results in forming difficulty in relationships with people around him. And for his acting he won the best actor award too.

Park Hae Jin to be honest is superb with the roles that are challenging and mysterious.  His upcoming drama (Four Sons) starring Kwak Si Yang and Nana from (After School 2017) are confirmed. However due to the situation where an SBS’s producing director has decided not to direct this drama. The drama is now according to the unknown sources is expected to air in the first half of 2018. The drama has 16 episodes .

Four Sons is a mystery romantic, physiological drama about a female detective who meets Park Hae Jin multiple roles in mysterious and most romantic ways.

This would be worth the wait.

We expect no less from Park Hae Jin. All the very best to you.



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