Park Seo-Joon Runs his own YouTube Channel now Travelling in Philippines


Park Seo-Joon a Korean actor who is famous for his roles in drama series ‘’Kill Me Heal Me’’, ‘’what’s wrong with Secretary Kim and ‘’She was Pretty’’ is now running his own YouTube channel. His channel name is 레코드박스 Record PARK’s.  The idea is to get more close towards his fans and to make them see his daily life activities. Although, he launched his channel 3 months (Aug2, 2019) ago yet he is successful in grabbing attention of all of his fans.

His first video was kind of surprising because nobody was expecting him to share his life activities with his fans like this. For those who really miss Park Seo-Joon when he is not doing a drama or a movie can now easily see him via his YouTube channel. Another interesting thing about his videos is they are tilted as track1, track 2 like this which more sounds like a song.

All of his videos are a complete package of entertainment, where he recollected all of his memories with fans along with his daily busy activities. Watching his videos will make you smile and laugh you will never be able to miss him.  However, there is a suggestion to their team which is to include English subtitles along with the Korean subtitles in few videos where they are missing.

In one of his Question and Answer video he replied to his fans which were really nice and sweet.  These days he is travelling in Philippines, where you can see him roaming about on streets interacting with people and passing interesting comments. You can go with him and explore markets of Philippines and also dine with him this is the feel you will get while watching his videos.  Wishing you all the best and hoping to see more in future!



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