Piercing Infection Cure Top Ten Ways

Piercing infection can be a serious threat if not treated properly. The infection does not occur without any reason for every infection there are certain symptoms which can be cured only if you treat infection seriously. Do not take infection as it’s nothing however it may lead to some serious health related issues. Here I would like to share some very important essential steps which could be easily followed. Remember you must have a glowing skin rather than an infected skin. Let’s start with it.


1) Do not irritate the infected area

The infected area becomes quite sensitive after infection and the best way is to not touch that area with unhygienic hands, cloths or any other thing.

2) Keep the infected area bandage free

Do not bandage the infected area or else the infection will spread. This is not the case with every infection however as an initial step the infected area needs air and if you tighten the area with plastic or cloth bandage it will only irritate the infection area.

3) Do not use any unknown home remedy or else it will make it worse

Sometime we do not know the exact home remedy and when we apply it the situation get worse.

4) Visit a Doctor

The best way to treat infection is to follow doctor advice and use medicines recommended by your doctor.

5) For minor infection use Neem oil (azadirachta indica) 

The reason using Neem  oil (azadirachta indica)  is, it has anti inflammatory and anti septic properties which always work. Apply a few drops of Neem oil on daily bases not only reduce redness and pain of the infected area however it also soothes the skin and eliminate infection completely. Check out research work on medical properties of Neem. You can use  mustard oil if neem oil is not available but I prefer using Neem oil.

6) Do not use your own methods

Methods which are not authentic for instance using unhygienic tools will not only increase your pain will also make your infection worse.

7) Take off the Jewellery:

When you get infection take off the jewellery from infected area. Sometime infection is spread using unhygienic jewellery items. It doesn’t matter if the piercing is fresh or old.

8) Different treatment for different piercing areas

There is always a different treatment for infected areas. For instance, the belly button piercing infection can go worse if you extensively clean your belly button. In some cases no ointment work perfectly and it may take days to recover the infection which can be treated by using Neem oil only if you do not have any other instant medicine available at your home recommended by doctor.

Tongue or Mouth piercing:

Best way to treat is by using mouth wash or if you want organic solution rinses your mouth with boiled Neem leaves in water (Azadirachta indica). Or you can apply its oil on the infected area. Being antiseptic Neem oil also helps in curing infections.

Nose Piercing

Nose piercing can also be quite painful and to sooth the pain take off the nose piece and do not wear it unless the infection is gone completely. Use doctor recommended ointment and Neem oil only if the doctor allows using it.

9) Do not use harsh chemicals alone or with water solution

Infected area always have puss and dipping the infected area in water is not recommended as water penetrates in to the infected area which can cause some other issues. The infected skin becomes sensitive and an ointment with an authentic medical subscription must be applied on the infected area. There are some antiseptic products which are just too harsh and not meant to be applied on sensitive area.  So make sure what you are using prefer ointments with only light chemicals in it.

10) Do not wear Jewellery and too tight clothes on the infected area.

It is recommended not to wear jewellery or other products even makeup as it may cause further skin infections. The need is to avoid skin irritation whichever way possible.


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