Remove Yellow Plaque Top 7 Most Effective Ways

Now you can actually rely on the top most effective ways to remove yellow plaque as these are the methods not only helpful but have long lasting effects as well.

There are some home remedies and DIY treatments which we mostly use however living in the world of modern science we cannot escape dentist visits.

Some whitening treatments suggested by dentist actually help in getting the desired results. However some of us want to stay at home and rely on home remedies.

We are not experts like dentists and doctors however we can be smart which means you can still take care of your teeth so that you won’t have to visits dentist all the time.

But you need to know that one cannot only rely on home remedies when it comes to some serious dental disease and issues.  But again if you are smart enough you can still take care to avoid the maximum damage.

I would like to share with you top 7 most effective ways to remove yellow plaque without irritating gums and teeth including home remedies and dental treatments.

1) Baking Soda

Believe it or not baking soda is a life savvier for teeth and oral health not only it helps in eliminating yellow plaque on teeth it also stops it’s future build up on teeth and on tongue.

Note: Use baking soda with honey as honey sooths gums and helps in killing bacteria. Honey and baking soda together protects and eliminates yellow plaque  effectively. If you do not want to use these together then rinse your mouth with water which has one table spoon of honey in it.

baking soda


2) Honey and Lemon

Rinse your mouth with lemon water I personally believe applying directly  lemon juice on teeth and gums is not healthy as it may damage tissues of gums and teeth as lemon is highly acidic so acid  cannot be applied alone it’s concentration must be decreased by using it with water if you want to clean your teeth. The reason behind it is the acid weakens film of yellow plaque and then it can be easily removed with the help of tooth brush.

Lemon also helps in reducing stains on teeth as it has beaching properties.

Similarly you can use honey in lemon water as honey has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces inflammation in gums.



olive oil, mint, turmeric, salt, honey, lemon, clove, cinnamon


3) Olive Oil Salt and Lemon

Take one table spoon of common salt and mix it with one tea spoon of olive oil and 3 drops of lemon juice to make a paste. Use this paste for about 4 minutes on your teeth and then rinse mouth with water.

Olive oil has certain properties which help in killing mouth bacteria effectively.

4) Oil Pulling

This seems not ok with some people however modern science has proved it is one of the most effective ways to oral health not only it kills bacteria it keeps your mouth and gums in best condition.

Oil pulling helps the damaged gums and teeth.

Turmeric and olive oil oil pulling.

The best way is to take half a cup of olive oil and mix one tea spoon of turmeric powder in it for the best results.Turmeric has healing properties and together with olive oil turmeric can do miracle for oral health.

5) Mint, Clove, cinnamon, Strawberries, Orange and Banana peel

Mint oil or water helps in maintaining oral health by soothing gums and teeth by eliminating plaque.

Clove is best for strengthening teeth and gums. It’s powder is used in oral treatments and home remedies.

Strawberries: Work in removing stains on teeth best for eliminating plaque and killing bacteria.

Orange and bananas peel helps in teeth whitening.

cinnamon powder is also helpful in cleaning teeth.

6) Teeth Polishing and Bleaching

I do not think teeth beaching with chemicals is a good way it has certain side effects which actually removes the original defensive layer on teeth. Some people prefer bleaching however some prefer polishing. The choice is yours these treatments help in removing plaque and you will get sparkling teeth in just one visit.


7) Rinse mouth after every meal or whatever you eat

Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after you eat even if it’s just a piece of apple. Studies have shown those who rinse their mouth after whatever they eat faces less dental issues. This decrease dental issues which ultimately results in less bacteria and less or no plaque.

You don’t have to rely on chemicals all the time.


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