Review on Facial Anti Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals by FREEMAN

Hey everyone
I am big fan of skin products that contains minerals especially that contains sea minerals. In summers, what you like to do in your spare time especially on weekends?  Sit back and relax putting a face pack that contains rich sea minerals while you close your eyes and the sea minerals smell from the mask takes you to scuba diving in to the beautiful sea world where you can enjoy the view.
A few days back my eyes sparkled seeing facial anti stress mask Dead Sea minerals and without any thinking I just bought it that cost me around Rs/390.
 I was feeling tired after the whole week activities especially working makes me tired. So, Last weekend I thought of giving it a try.
About the product:
Facial anti stress mask Dead Sea minerals claims to prevent skin oil, clean pores and after using it giving your skin a healthy soft glowing and refreshing look.
My Verdict:
I personally like facial anti stress mask Dead Sea mineralsproduct but I won’t say a lot as there are other sea minerals products by H20and Originthat are really good.
I think it’s good to use facial anti stress mask Dead Sea minerals when you feel that there is lots of oil on your skin and when your skin needs light cleansing.
Packing    7/10
Good for acne and oily skin   6/10
Makes skin soft   (I don’t think so)   3/10
Refreshing Sea Mineral Smell        9/10
Quickly dries on skin after applying   9/10
Clean Pores (It won’t deep clean pores just pick up oil from skin)       3 /10
Makes Skin dry (yes after using it my skin feels very dry that I need to apply oil free moisture after using it. This level of skin drying I don’t like)            3/10


Relaxing and anti stressing (It contains sea salt and other ingredients that gives relaxing sensation after applying)    9/10

Would you like to mix this mask with water before applying?  Yes you need to wet you face before applying. Mask Consistency is perfect 10/10
Does it feel like diving in to the Sea and experiencing Scuba Diving?  Well yes… this sounds amazing!
Would I buy it again?  I am thinking to get my hands on other sea minerals products.
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A good product to try on.



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Happy Sea Exploring!!!