Sam Evans an E! Hollywood True Story Waiting to Happen Soon

Sam Evans

Hollywood great actor/actresses even the famous film makers have the greatest stories before their fame, despite of the fact that this is not an obvious thing to say but most of them have experienced a lot in their lives, some says it’s only the hard work and a bit of luck involved in their successful career. Which is very much true, they were destined to be famous, their paths changed and they had to experience things before they reached to the top.

Some people say,” once you are in the business you can definitely find the right direction which leads to success.”

However, things can be a little confusing sometimes for those especially who want to be successful within days which is an impossible phenomenon. The key to success is to keep on trying and never giving up on your dreams. Success cannot be achieved without failure those who have succeeded, had to fall thousand times and gained enough experience.  It’s the experience which leads to success plus you have to have the potential and if the X-factor is there, you are destined to be at the right place.


Who is Sam Evans?


Sam Evans is model/actor who is only 14 years old at this very young age he has caught a lot of attention especially the directors/producers and many other known media personalities. As a model he is currently represented by the NEXT modelling agency which is one of the most recognized International agencies.

  With the naive boyish, classic chocolaty Elvis Presley and James dean kind of looks. Sam Evans is a new it boy with a modern-classy Hollywood style which is kind of rare to see these days.  He has that sparkling dazzling aura  around him; his smile is the cutest and very much captivating.  With Dark blue mystical eyes, 6.2’’height, dark brown shinny hair Sam has a mesmerizing  personality.  He could also be a Disney Star with such an amazing personality after all he is only 14 years old. 


Sam at Disney Land-Sam’s Instagram

Despite of his good looks he likes down to earth people as he himself is very humble, polite and very much connected to his fans. He connects with his fans and people he meet as he already knows them. Being friendly is another fascinating feature of his charming personality.

There are many things which even his fans do not know about him.   We had this chance to take Sam’s interview and we are really excited to share this interview with our dear readers, especially Sam’s Fans.


Glamour Infusion: Sam hello and welcome to Glamour Infusion first would you like to tell us where were you born and bred?        

Sam Evans: Ah let’s see. I was born in Tampa, FL moved to Dallas, TX for a few years then to Seattle, WA for about 6 before moving to Los Angeles. Been in LA for 5 years now and don’t want to live anywhere else. It really is a magical  place where dreams can come true.

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorial childhood memory?

Sam Evans: So many but probably the ones that stick out are the times I got hurt or sick. Is that bad? (Laughs) Nah, I had a  great childhood so far and have many good memories, I feel very fortunate.


Glamour Infusion:

     Sam we have heard that you have been seriously considered for the role of Spider Man for the upcoming movie (Untitled Spider-Man Reboot 2017)   how far is that true


Sam Evans: Yeah I had the chance to audition for it and it seemed to go pretty well. It was all top secret and I didn’t even know I was auditioning for the actual role of Spider-Man. I did the best I could and afterwards the studio called over to talk to my manager about the specifics but it was hard since I was only 14 years old and not “legal 18”. In this biz if you are not legal 18 you can’t work as many hours on set so for a film as big as Spider-Man it can cause problems when there is so much money being spent to make the movie. Let’s just say they don’t want unnecessary delays but I made great connections in the audition process and it’s important to show your talent when given the chance so for me that was a win. They ended up casting Tom Holland and he is a good up and coming actor and I think he will do a great job in the role. I am lucky to have an amazing team of people around me that helps me get those types of opportunities. I really believe my time is coming in acting.

Glamour Infusion: You have been discovered by Howie Mandel at dinner, what was your first reaction at that time?

Howie Mandel

Sam Evans: It was pretty crazy. We were just at dinner one night and Howie Mandel came walking by. My 8 year old little brother Charlie stopped him and started talking with him. Howie was laughing and looked at me and turned to my Dad and asked if we were in the “biz”. He said no and Howie said his wife was an agent and invited us over to sit with them. We set up a meeting and both my brother and I signed with her to represent us for acting. So I look at it as my own private little “Americas Got Talent” moment. It was really special and Howie and his wife are super nice people. Kind of thing that only seems to happen in LA, right??


Glamour Infusion: A 14 year’s old young boy who is also a super model and an actor who has seriously been considered for big roles in the movies.  What things you are specifically looking in when considering a good project? Can you compromise on quality or script?   What are your priorities?  

Sam Evans: Good question. I this business you have to work really, really hard if you want to try and achieve goals. I have easily been on over 300 auditions, taken many hours of acting classes and spent a lot of time and energy trying to get better, not to mention HOURS driving back and forth to Hollywood in TRAFFIC! When roles do come your way you usually aren’t that picky in the very beginning as you try and build a decent reel. Everything becomes an experience to learn from.

One of my first projects I was asked to act in a music video about a 2 hour drive away for very little pay. Not going to lie wasn’t that thrilled to go but I did had a great time and the Director was also a Photographer said she liked my look and asked to shoot me a few days later. We had a great session and the pics came back and looked incredible.

medium_portrait (7)

My Dad looked up the top 5 modelling agencies in the world online got their addresses sent in the photos and a few days later 2 of the 5 got back to me asking for a meeting. I went into the NEXT office in Beverly Hills sitting in the Penthouse being asked questions, taking pics, being measured and the Director came out asked me how old I was I said 12 and they signed me to a 3 year contract. So, the moral of the story is walk through doors of opportunity and work really hard cause you never know what may happen if you do.

Same applies to choosing scripts and projects. You try to stay within your zone of choosing to do things that you like or think you will be successful at but also choosing projects that may not seem that interesting but jumping in and seeing where the road leads. My priorities are always to work hard, make my family and myself proud of what I do and the choices I make.


Glamour Infusion: Which Hollywood directors and actors you wish to work with? Your dream role in a Hollywood movie would be?

Sam Evans: So many good actors and directors I want to work with. From an early age my Dad sat me down and showed me lots of really good films and we focused on the storyline and acting. Some of my favourites include Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Paul Giamatti, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence to name a few. Some directors would be Steven Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, Clint Eastwood ugh SO many to choose from hard to make a list!

Sam is already a STAR

Glamour Infusion: Your best buddies? Whom you often love to hang around with?

Sam Evans: I hang with my family a lot. We have travelled around together and really learned to rely on each other. I have friends that I will hang from the acting and modelling world since we all kind of “get” the journey we are going through. I am home schooled due to my busy schedule so don’t get to see friends from the high school as much.

Sam with his Family-Sam’s Instagram
Sam’s childhood pic with his mom and younger brother-Sam’s Instagram

Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in your life?

Sam Evans: My parents. I look up to them both. They have been together for almost 30 years and are each other’s best friends. They are extremely supportive of both me and my brother. They teach me things and help me when life seems to get hard. My Dad use to be a Counsellor so he is always doing Jedi Mind tricks with me to help teach me about the ups and downs of life in general.



Glamour Infusion:  Your signature would be? 

Sam Evans: Hmm hard to say. I always get compliments about my eyes. People seem to really like them and that’s pretty awesome to have that positive of an effect on others for something I didn’t have any hand in doing (Smiles).  It’s pretty humbling but a lot of people think I look like a combination of James Dean and Elvis two people that I really admire so when I hear that it makes me pretty happy. I also get told that I look a lot like Lucky Blue Smith just with dark hair. That’s pretty sick because we are friends and we both signed with our modelling agency at 12 years old. He is killing it right now in the modelling world and he is a really nice guy so I am “Lucky” to have him blaze the trails.

Lucky Blue Smith & Sam Evans -Sam’s Instagram

Glamour Infusion:  Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Sam Evans:I have a bunch of stuff in the works. In this biz it’s kind of like planting a garden. You just go on a bunch of auditions and hope that you get projects to work on. You get lots of No’s but you just have to keep going and not take it personal. You can get rejected for so many different reasons. I have acting things as well as modelling projects in the works. The modelling gigs are just starting to really ramp up as I get closer to 16 years old. That seems to be the magical age you need to be to work in the industry. It frowns on younger kids being exploited which even as much as it sucks for me it’s a good thing overall.

Sam’s Instagram

Glamour Infusion: Do you believe in the existence of true love or do you think it’s just a myth?

Sam Evans: Yes True Love exists but what I have learned is that True Love might get you in the party but you have to work really hard to keep it going. My parents have been together for a long time so they tell me it’s a marathon not a sprint (Smiles).

medium_portrait (2)

Glamour Infusion: Sam you have a lot of female fans and I am sure they really looking forward to this answer. What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?

Sam Evans: Lolz! Yes I do and it’s actually very flattering. The whole social media thing can be a great way to get your info out there. I get messages all the time from people all over the world and it really is a fun aspect of this whole fame thing. I try to answer as many as I can cause I figure if they are nice enough to take the time to write me I should be nice enough to answer them back. As for qualities?? I just like people who are honest and funny and can be real. I like someone who can laugh at themselves.

Glamour Infusion: What you mostly love to eat (your favourite food)?

Sam Evans: Sushi and pizza.

medium_portrait (1)

Glamour Infusion: If there any welfare work you want to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be ?     

Sam Evans:Anything to help kids whether it’s if they are sick, or homeless or getting bullied, I dislike it a lot when kids are traumatized.


Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling actors, models?

Sam Evans: Work hard and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams in whatever you choose. I just happen to love acting and modelling. It something I take very seriously. I have a great team around me that supports me. If you want to be an actor or model just work hard and don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself, being judged or failing. It’s all part of the process but I have learned so much from this journey so far. When it does hit and all comes together? Nothing better in the world. So fun I would do it for free. My Dad tells me find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life (Smiles).

Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming projects. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!

Sam Evans:Thank you. I love trying to connect with my fans and if you took the time to read this I appreciate it. If you have any other questions feel free to DM me on Instagram at @samevans57. I always like connecting and trying to help others. You can also follow me on my Snapchat at samevansNEXT to kind of  see my day to day activities of driving around this crazy town they call Hollywood doing modelling and acting type things! You never know who might be on it with me.


Despite of the fact that Sam is a real hardworking model/actor who has experienced a lot, currently seeking a great breakthrough in Hollywood, and the only thing that comes in his way is, he is only 14 years old. Being discovered by Howie Mandel (America’s got talent Judge) is really a much bigger thing than said. Sam did passed the auditions of big budgeted movie like (Untitled Spider-Man Reboot 2017) And has worked in couple of amazing acting projects, this proves that Sam has that X-factor in him, which can ultimately lead to a super successful career.

     Just like a dream, sometimes predictions do come true.  And our prediction is Sam Evans is an E! Hollywood true story, waiting to Happen Soon. 




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