Secret behind Katrina Kaif Beautiful Smile

It’s been not that long since Katrina kaif entered Bollywood more than a decade seems quite a long time. However achieving success in a short time period that I would say is pure luck not in the case of Katrina as she worked very hard to achieve success  is that because of her beauty and if that’s true what’s the secret behind Katrina Kaif beautiful smile?   Actors struggle and some even work harder however only few are able to win hearts casting a spell on people around them.

Actors Experiment with their Looks a lot:

Have you ever noticed these actors and actresses experiment a lot with their looks claiming it’s the character demand that they play in movies.   Now that would be something normal I say but what is the matter that some actors change their face and body  features completely presenting a new them to their lovely die heart fans. Many doubts arose is this a camera trick?  Was the picture photo shopped unless we see them doing some live press interview on the TV etc? Just like the media evolve same way the media people change the way they look these actors have a greater tendency to change their complete looks at that point we say its plastic surgery or other forms of it.

Katrina Kaif says that she believes in Natural Beauty:

Lovely Katrina Kaif Bollywood Barbie Doll says she is all natural and she doesn’t believe in using unnatural means of getting beautiful. Here we agree with Katrina Kaif but Katrina we can’t deny with  the fact that not all your photo graphs are photo shopped nor  all  the camera tricks my dear but you have change to something we call from gorgeous to more gorgeous you have achieved that levels of beauty perfection that one can’t take its eyes off you.   So what’s the secret behind Katrina Kaif beauty?

Katrina Kaif’s Lip Treatment changed her Entire Look:

Katrina Lips are believed to be the most beautiful facial feature and in below picture you can see comparison between her old and new pictures   you can also see that she did some treatments to her lips,   she did Botox treatments that now her lips appear fuller, collagen enriched and more attractive.   In  her old picture cupid bow is visible however her new picture cupid bow vanished now this is not magic it’s medical science and that’s quite logical. katrina-pics

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