Selena Gomez Looking for a Sweet Reliable Guy who is he A Royalty or Ansel Elgort?


Selena Gomez 24 year’s singer/actress her relationship life has not been easy over the years. In her songs the lyrics reflects her painful memories, the depth of her soulful voice can be felt and melt the heart right away.

In an interview with she said, ‘’she want to be with someone sweet and reliable and can express his love as much in his actions as his words. She further added someone she can trust and he should be respectful. And he must be able to make her laugh”

Now, the singer is looking for someone reliable and sweet whom she can trust and live her life with. According to some rumors and unidentified sources Selena is currently seeing someone but it’s not confirmed yet who he is and where is he from. But the sources say its 22 years old actor Ansel Elgort. Though it’s nothing yet confirmed as Ansel Elgort is having a girlfriend. The fault in our stars actor is not only good looking he is sweet and seems to be quite reliable for Selena too.

Another source denies its Ansel Elgort but is some royalty and cannot reveal who. The only hint is he is the youngest of all his siblings.  Well who knows! It seems we all have to wait and see who she is actually dating the sweet and reliable guy…

We hope she finds someone sweet and reliable soon!



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