Selena Gomez Pink Makeup Look-Pink diva

Selena Gomez is a style teen icon everyone loves her not only she is a remarkable singer; she is also a very good actor and dancer. She is in-fact a multitalented person. Few years back she started her career as a Disney child star and appeared in couple of teen Disney shows with her acting career she started singing and gave a few amazing hits which were not  only popular among teens but equally loved by every girl. Disney stars are said to be lucky as they have been provided by multiple opportunities towards their stardom.

Selena Gomez is more popular as a cute Disney star who knows how to balance her life as a singer, actor and sometime as a brand ambassador. She keeps her makeup looks very girly more toward pink color.  The makeup artist loves giving her pink look on events. She is not more towards corals and reddish rather pink is her color. This is what we like about her makeup look.

Selena Gomez Loves Barbie Pink Color!

Selena Gomez Likes using Barbie Pink color which really suit her. She has a fair complexion and for that reason Barbie pink color suits her more. The pink shade has either glitter in it or lots of gloss which gives her lips a plump effect. Glossy lips not only look glamorous but they reflect her more feminine side.

Selena Gomez Likes Keeping her Makeup Look Natural

She doesn’t like overly done contouring she keeps her over all makeup looks quite natural. She has a beautiful Barbie doll face and for that reason she don’t need much contouring. Demi Lavato however loves mature makeup she contours a lot. Selena Gomez has softness on her face whether she wears a natural makeup, nude makeup or even without makeup she looks so cute.

Demi Lavato makeup looks are very different as she likes to express herself as a punk artist more. If you really want to know more about her punk side stay tuned for next post.

Glamour Infusion would like giving her Pink diva title :)

                    Selena Gomez Pink Makeup Look-Pink Diva



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