Shaggy Bob Hair Style you must try –our top ten

Short hair looks cute, they not only enhance facial feature they also make you look younger. You must be wondering how short hair can make a person look younger. Well that’s the magic of short hair styles it makes you look cute in a certain way.

Many ladies prefer bob hair styles when it comes to short hair styles and cuts. Hair style determines person’s personality and it puts a good impression on others as well.  Changing hairstyles will make you feel more confident and it also shows   liking to different style adaption.

Bases on different hair style theories today we will recommend super stylish Shaggy bob hair styles for you.

1-Sexy cut


I have watched many Hollywood movies where ultra glamour female characters were having this same hair cut. This hair style is never going to get old as it’s hot and cute at the same time.

This hair style has rough edges at the end more like flicks and it will definitely make you look younger.

2-Messy side bangs


This hair style has light waves and is not too short like short bobs however if you have color eyes this shaggy bob hair style will suit you more.

3-Too many layers


If you have not yet tried lots of layer and flicks on short hair then you must give it a try.

4-Top Volume


This kind of shaggy bob hair style gives lots of volume to your top hair especially the area above your ears and head back.

5-Best suits dyed hair


If you are not very into waves and curls then try this shaggy bob hair style which looks messy and all the hair tend to look pretty rough yet stylish and shiny. Don’t worry rough does not means that it will affect your shinny aura.

6-Sleek messy hair


If you have think hair texture then this shaggy bob hair style is perfect to enhance your features.

7-Using styling rod for waves


You can’t imagine that all the styling can be improved by using different types of good hair styling products, if you is a person who knows how to play with different hair tools then this hair style is easy create and also looks cute.

8-Side bangs sleek hair with great upper volume


If you are not into too much messy hair then try making your hair texture sleek and shiny by using your hair straightener. This kind of look more suits on teens girls.

9-Falling down layers


If you are not into very messy and rough hair styles then try first making hair straight and then giving them a bit outward shape at the tips.

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