Sim Jae-Min A Talent South Korean Entertainment Agencies Should be Considering!


South Korea is a beautiful country, famous for so many amazing things their unique cultural the twinkling sights of cherry blossom trees would make your heart feel exciting, delicious spicy flavoring food, warm hospitality of Korean people their smiling faces, the exciting live events, the use of technology, the workaholic environment in offices, the booming businesses and beautiful places especially the tourists spots are quite unique pieces of attraction.

The county has so many talented people especially when it comes to the world of entertainment one can never forget the groovy moves of PSY (Park Jae-sang) 38 year old singer the Gangnam style star and all the Kpop awesomeness driving the teens and young to a whole new dimension of Pop music.

South Korean directors and producers are making super entertaining (A) plus level Dramas, with the amazing story/plot, the exciting chemistry between all the actors and actresses one would never like to miss a single episode. The reason is they have a kind of very different and elaborated approach towards their story plots.

Despite of the fact that the entertainment agencies are always seeking for the best talent, but sometimes the situation is not favorable for some people or maybe the time has not yet come for them.

Sim Jae-Min 27 year old actor/model has done quite a few roles in commercials, movies and dramas in his acting career. Not only he has the looks of an actor, his acting is pretty good too.  However he is still not yet been taken seriously by the South Korean entertaining agencies.    He is someone who can be as cool as a pop star idol in a drama or a perfect villain who know how to act psycho.  As for his facial features some serious bad boy role or a person who has been through a lot of tragedy will be perfect for him.  And off coarse some emotional drama roles will suit him the best.

It is kind of really strange that still not yet he has been recognized properly and is still in ’’Out of sight out of mind’’ situation.

In the Asian dominating culture there goes a lot of favoritism and thus who should be shining are sometimes ignored vigorously.

Sim Jae-Min we know you are a good actor and you have a lot of potential in you!




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