Soap and Glory Foam Call Body Wash worth Trying out

Soap and glory has the most amazing bath and body products. Not only the product formula and quality is amazing their product quantity and packing is also stunning.

Most people say that their products are highly expensive but if you consider their product quality you won’t regret buying their bath and body products.

I would have to agree with the fact that their skincare and makeup products are a bit more expensive than their bath and body products.  The fact is soap and glory is high end brand and not a drugstore brand.

Soap and glory products are only available on and Sephora.  So if you have to buy authentic products you need to buy their products from these stores.

In some countries where soap and glory products are not available there are small businesses which import products from overseas for their customers.  This way one can directly buy products from online stores and be happy.

I have already experienced using soap and glory body washes and I love them. I loved soap and glory cleans on me body wash and soap and glory clean girls body wash which by the way smells divine.

Soap and glory foam call body wash is an award winning fruity foamy body wash. Soap and Glory Foam call body wash won from the body shop strawberry body wash and some other top notch body washes. This amazed me so I thought of giving it a try. My habit is before trying out a product I sniff and swatch it to check product consistency.

How it smells like?

When I first sniff it Ahhhhh ! it was amazing and I got lost in a land of fruits. Totally refreshing this gives me a vibe that if a product smells so nice how would it be bathing with it.

check out all the ingredients
amazing packing


My Experience using Foam Call Body wash:

When first time I bath with it the total experience was not only refreshing however it was amazing and delightful.  I smelled amazing and the smell lingers on me for hours even my outfit smelled fruity.

It foams very well and you only require small amount of body wash to clean yourself.

I just love how happy I was after using  soap and glory foam call body wash.

I definetly recommend using this body wash.


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