Soap and Glory Hand Food Review Pakistan

I am very picky when it comes to hand and foot creams I generally purchase hand creams from the body shop however this is the first hand cream which I happened to buy from Soap and Glory.

Soap and Glory products are totally different and all of them are heart winning except their hair care products.

The story of soap and glory hand food starts with the purchase of soap and glory signature pink collection. Although I received this product a bit late then the rest of the products however the product is worth the wait.

There is no way I can say it’s a disappointment rather it’s a very good product to use on regular bases.

How it smells like?

It smells like marshmallow candy which is more sweeter and floral kind of smells. A Slight different you can say only one percent different than the signature scent however the smell still comes under Soap and Glory signature pink scent category which it must be.

I personally like hand food more than Soap and Glory Righteouse body butter. However these both products are amazing and worth trying out.

soap and glory hand food
soap and glory hand food SWATCH! The texture is different than Righteous Body Butter

Does it make your hand super silky?

After first application my hand felt softer and super silky. Soft as a baby’s hand so you imagine why they call it hand food. It keeps your hands hydrated and smells like candy which is amazing by the way.

If you wash your hands quickly  then this product won’t stay on your skin after washing as it’s not a product which sinks in to your skin which does not mean it’s a bad product at all.

I am sharing my views so that you must know how the product actually works.

soap and glory hand food
Packing is amazing , Scent is like marshmallow candy which makes it hand food! worth trying product
soap and glory hand food
If you expect it to leak there is no way as the packing is totally safe and the tube looks cute!


1) Amazing packing super friendly fits easily in travel bag or in your tote bag

2) Available in travel size as well

3) Smells Devine

4) Easy to use

5) Makes hand super soft instantly

6) Non greasy formula

7) Lovely texture


1) Availability is an issue

2)125ml for 6.50 British pounds which is not satisfactory I believe the quantity of the product can be more than 125ml which makes it a bit expensive product.

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