Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter- Worth Trying

Soap and glory has quite a good range of bath and body, skincare products. Righteouse body butter is one of their cult favourite products which is highly recommended by everyone who have used it already. So why this product is so popular and is it worth the price let’s discuss this in today’s post.

I am person who is very selective when it comes to a product’s quality and price. I want to spend my money on products which most people either have recommended before. Also before a big purchase I prefer trying the sample.

Ignoring my habit I was so tempted to buy full range of Soap and Glory Signature Pink Scented products including  award winning body wash clean on me . I was sure this is not going to be a disappointment. I like fruity s and some floral scents so when reading their pink fragrance scent notes I was kind of satisfied.

When soap and glory products were delivered the first thing I did was I sniffed all the products and Oh my  gosh!  soap and Glory signature Pink fragrance smell incredible. It’s actually pretty hard to describe the scent.  It’s a kind of classy very light more of a floral and less fruity scent.

When I swatched the righteous body butter for the first time on my hand to see how much my skin absorbs and how long the scent going to last on my skin I was surprised as the formula is non greasy and non sticky, it quickly absorbs into my skin leaving it soft and my skin smelled so incredibly yummy. It was not like an artificial scent of flowers or fruits rather it seems my own scent like a natural scent. The scent lingers on my skin for hours and this was incredible also it stayed hydrated for a long time.

Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter
Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter formula is amazing and it melts in to your skin just like butter melts on bread!

Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter


1) Smells Devine

2) Hydration for 9 hours after using

3) Makes skin beautiful and smells absolutely classy

4) Amazing packing

5) Non greasy and super hydrating formula

6) 300 ml for 10 British pounds and you can also buy on 3 to 2 offer from boots which is if you buy 2 products the third cheapest product will be free which is totally a good bargain

7) Travel friendly packing you can either take full 300 ml tub with you or either take it’s travel size with you.

8) Righteouse body butter is an award winning product.


1) Availability is the only issue.

I would 100 percent recommend this product!

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