Stop Ingrown Hair Top Ten Ways

Sometimes I wonder even if I wax and remove unwanted hair why I still face ingrown hair problem.  I spent lot of time figuring out how to stop ingrown hair with simple tips and tricks.

I would like to share all those simple techniques in this post.

ingrown hair are form due to dead skin surface which needs exfoliation!

1) Exfoliate

This can be a bit surprising for you all as what exfoliating has to do with hair growth. Well the reason is if you exfoliate your skin often you can actually stop ingrown hair. The ingrown hair bump can easily be treated with regular skin exfoliating.  This will result in lesser ingrown hair.

2) Avoid wearing too tight clothes

Wearing tight cloths causes hair to grow inside this causes abnormal hair growth which can easily be avoided wearing too tight clothes.

3) Use warm water on the affected area to open pore

You can still remove ingrown hair by first opening pores using warm water. I suggest dipping a towel in water and applying it on the affected area to open pores

The second method is to take steam which can be done by taking steam bath which ultimately opens pores.

Once the pores are opened use a massaging technique to make skin softer. After that you can use any exfoliating method to scrub away the dead skin surface which causes in ingrown hair.

4) Dry body brushing

Dry body scrubbing is also effective in removing the dead skin you can either use a body brush which is easily available in the market.

5) Use pumice stone

For hundreds of years people are using pumice stone to remove dead skin cells from body. Pumice stone is easily available in the market you can either use it twice a week to get the best results.

6) Remove hair using waxing method

There are many methods of hair removal some prefer waxing, some use laser treatment. What I prefer is waxing the reason is if you wax your skin regularly you will see lesser ingrown hair. Waxing is a good method to control ingrown hair. Make sure you wax regularly and after skin exfoliation.

7) Do not use hair removal creams

The reason is hair removal creams support ingrown hair as these creams won’t remove hair from root rather just clearing the surface which results in rapid ingrown hair.

8) Avoid saving your skin

Do not shave your skin if you want to avoid ingrown hair. Shaving not only support hair growth but it also not good for your skin. Your skin becomes harder as the hair is uprooted not from the roots rather than from the surface only.

9) Take baking soda and milk and honey bath once a week

This sounds like a home remedy and it’s really effective baking soda is known for its great exfoliating properties.  Organic milk is rich in lactic acid which helps in skin exfoliating and nourishing skin the natural way. Honey is rich in anti oxidants, contains mineral and vitamins, numerous types of sugar, anti biotic and anti inflammatory properties which is absolutely healthy. Honey heals and nourishes skin which makes you youthful. Remember to use organic honey and milk only.

10)  Take bath everyday

Taking regular baths not only make your skin glow it helps in nourishing your body resulting in lesser ingrown hair. So make sure you bath regularly. If you cannot take bath on regular bases you can at least take bath thrice a week.



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