Strengthen Nails with Simple Home Remedies-DIY

Have you ever wonder why your nails are getting weaker and why they lack their natural color? Well there could be many reasons. You will get to know the answer but first you must learn what could be done to strengthen nails.

Proper Diet:

The most important factor which we all ignore is improper diet; we eat junk food and barely eat fruits and vegetables, eat red meat instead of white and use chemical loaded products to make us look beautiful which ultimately results in gaining nothing.

Diet has everything to do with how we look. Many people ignore the fact they still take tablets of vitamins and take food supplements which are again has some sort of chemicals that destroys our natural beauty.

Improve your diet

So first and far most improve your diet here is how you can improve your diet

Eat fruit platter each day

Eat boiled vegetable each day

Include Fish in your diet not frozen but must be fresh or you can include sea food in your diet

Eat the egg white on daily bases

Milk, yogurt, cheese

Stop eating junk food especially burgers, pizzas and all unhealthy stuff.

Some useful DIY beauty tips

Here are some very effective DIY beauty tips that can actually help you in strengthen nails.


Rub Garlic on your nails

Garlic is known for strengthen properties rubbing garlic clove once a day will make your nails shiner and it will ultimately make your nails stronger.

Massage your fingers:

Either massages your own hands if not possible you can use massage tools if you want to or hire someone. Another option is   go to saloon for hands and foot massage. Because Massages can increase your blood flow and ultimately those who have yellow and pale nails turn back into their natural color just by daily massage.

My mother had pink nails and when she was not taking care of it they turned yellow. Then she started her massages and the nails turn pink again so it was all blood flow if the blood circulation is not proper at certain areas it will turn that area into another color same case is with the nails so do your massage.

Soak your nails in Onion Juice

Soak cotton bud in onion juice and apply it on your nails it will become as a mask which results in nail strengthen.

Apply Olive oil on your nails

The use of olive oil, mustard oil and coconut oil is very healthy for your nails apply one of these oils once a week on your nails and give them a chance to breath.

Remove that nail polish

If you always keep on nail polishes then don’t expect your nails to grow and look beautiful naturally as nail polishes are loaded with chemicals and the top and base coat are just nothing but the chemicals which results in drying out your nail and when remove nail polish with help of remover which is again loaded with alcohol then there is no way your nails become soft and strong.

Avoid Alcohol based hand sanitizer:

No Doubt hand sanitizers smell great but these beauty care products are loaded with alcohol and again you need some home remedies to make your nails look beautiful again.

Exfoliate nails and skin around it with Lemon Juice

Can you believe it that you don’t need any chemicals to clean your nails just take a lemon either rub it directly on your nails or soak your nails in lemon water this will not only exfoliate your nails but make them look shinny any clean without use of beauty care products.


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