Super Foods that Help in Height Gain

I have been searching so long before I got to write this article for you all as which foods actually helps in height gain even after the age of 27? Yes that’s right you can even grow taller after the age of 27.  People have different theories regarding age and height most people believe that it’s impossible to grow height after the age of 25 which according to the latest scientific research is not true anymore as it’s possible to grow height even after the age of 25.

Science can do it easily with the help of human growth hormones and with the help of surgeries but how Mother Nature can help us in this matter?  Mother Nature can do wonders and with the help of some selective organic food you can easily gain height even after the age of 27. Off course you need to exercise as well as body stretching when having good meals is equally effective in height gain naturally.

If with regular exercises you can have a toned body same way some super foods help in not only improving your bone structure but also helps in releasing growth hormones in our body.

Not to forget that everything in your life affects your health for height growing it does matter what exercises you do, the food you eat, sleeping posture, place where you sleep and everything else.

Here is what I recommend for you.

Proper and Clean Food

This is what keeps you going, full energy levels means you can work more and stay happy for long time however less food or improper diet can results in malnutrition.  These are the super foods I recommend.

1-Egg Whites:

Don’t get surprised as egg whites are one of the greatest sources of calcium. Especially for women calcium is important for health. Don’t forget to take at-least two egg whites in breakfast. Egg whites helps in bone growth and it equally strengthen your bones.

2-Dairy Products:

All the dairy products especially cottage cheese and unprocessed milk you can say fresh milk, smoothes, milkshakes and yogurt are the best way to increase you height.

3-Green Leafy Vegetables:

If you don’t like vegetables you can still eat them yes that’s possible you can either add vegetables in delicious salads dressing simply eat them with your favourite spices or with pastas. This way you can have nutritious meal that can help you in growing.


Don’t forget to eat fruits especially bananas, apples olives, dates as fruits and even dry fruits like peanuts , walnuts  are rich in multivitamins and minerals that are essential for growth.


Eat fish twice a week either in salads or its soup. Fish is rich in Omega 3 that helps in gaining height as well.

Which other Factors Matters ?


Do you know exercise can make you or ruin you completely?  If you won’t work out you can’t expect your body to work properly neither your bones become strong nor you will be healthy , remember  proper diet with exercise can give you good results.  Exercise can make your bones flexible and as a result you gain height.

2-Cloths you wear:

Clothes are as important as other height growing factors, wearing tight clothes won’t help you in getting your desire height especially sleeping outfit must not be tight it should be bigger than your actual size if you want good sleep and height.

3-Sleeping Posture

If you are not comfortable during sleep and your back bone is not straight then there are less chances of growth during sleep. As our growth increases while we sleep so sleeping posture is also important. Make sure your pillow is comfortable and a few inches higher than your body.

4-Comfortable Bed

Clean and tidy bed must be comfortable as long as you are comfortable, you will be in your deep sleep in no time make sure your hands and feet are comfortable and cosy.  Some people ignore the fact that feet and hand are not that important while sleeping however the truth is when your feet and hand are cosy with rest of your body you will get fast asleep.  Only in our deep sleep the growth hormones are released so make sure you going to have deep sleep.

5-Deep Sleep:

Now it’s not that easy to have deep sleep for some people here is a remedy try hot milk before going to bed and take a shower as well this will relaxes you and you will soon be in deep sleep.


If your doctor recommends you supplements then don’t afraid to take them as some of these are life savers and you can have better health with these.

What to Avoid?

-Avoid skipping meals as it will lead you to bad health and you will be in disaster no time.

-Alcohol and drugs

– Cigarettes and any kind of smoking especially Shisha which is quite famous in teens and adults these days.

-Reduce salt intake as it wastes your calcium

-New types of soda drinks that are also considered harmful

-Avoid fast food

-Last but not least stay away from stress, anxiety, pressure and depression as these things are worse and can cause serious damage to your physical and mental health and as result your height stops.

-Be happy whatever you do where ever you go think positive avoid negative thoughts

Stay fresh throughout the day

-Keep yourself engaged in healthy social and mental activities.

-Drink lots of water daily keep yourself hydrated

I am sure these tips will definitely help you.

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