Super Junior Kim Heechul & Exo Baekhyun Funniest Bromance SNS Moments you won’t miss


Kpop industry is flourishing and capturing hearts of many young teenagers worldwide. The young boys with their cutest smiles, captivating facial features, glowing skin and from head to toe loaded with branded latest fashion accessories are setting up new trends worldwide. The Korean Entertainment industry does have a special something and is earning millions of dollars each year.

Super Junior and Exo are among the biggest kpop sensations. Represented by the same company SM Entertainment the super juniors launched a few years back than the Exo technically speaking the Super Juniors are the seniors.

A kpop idol is not only a singer but an all rounder the will just keep you entertaining. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul 33years is known for his well entertaining skills he is carefree and blunt and the fans love him.  Exo’s Baekhyun 25 years is known for his looks and superstardom, he is heart throb someone killing you just with a sweet smile.  When these two meet up they make a perfect combo sharing the perfect funniest and cutest Bromance moments.

They not only follow each other on their public SNS‘s also privately. We have captured a few funniest and cutest Bromance moments of Kim Heechul and Baekhyun you won’t be missing.





Korean original English version of coversation

Keeping up with the Bromance flow here Heechul in a funniest causal way commenting to praise on his new picture where he is wearing designer sun glasses.  And Baeykhyun casually agreeing that Heechul (hyung) older brother really looks cool. Now that is cute and funny.




Going crazy, stupid, loving, caring, laughing, sharing awkward Awesome moments altogether are just part of the great Bromance.

Unbelievably Awesome 대박이야! 

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