Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream Best for All Skin Types

I simply cannot write a review about a product just after using once however I believing in waiting for results just before writing them down as a review. I am totally addicted to skin care and I also rated top ten worth buying skincare products which are really amazing.

Before using Superdrug vitamin E cream I had no idea how it’s going to work . As  I have extremely oily skin and it’s for just 2.99  British Pound which is quite cheap as compared to other high end Vitamin E creams.

I received the product as a gift with vitamin E Night cream from the same range for that reason I was quite excited to try out these new creams.

When I first used this cream after washing my face with first aid beauty cleanser  which is also worth trying out.  I massaged my face with Superdrug vitamin E intense moisture cream.  After massage I felt my skin is getting nourished and improved.   It looked supple  and radiant which encourages me to use it. It sink into my skin so quickly.

I thought of continue using it and since then it’s been a year and I got a whole new pack of Superdrug vitamin E intense moisture cream with another vitamin E day cream with SPF. Still using it and I am happy because  I believe without this cream my skin won’t look supple, nourished and improved.

The packing is really nice you can keep this cream in your bag and even  in your travel case. It smells really nice.

Superdrug-Vitamin-E-Intense-Moisture-Cream  Superdrug-Vitamin-E-Intense-Moisture-Cream

The Reason it’s best for All skin Types:

Although it’s written on the packing this cream is for dry skin however I think this cream can also suit combination to oily skin types in cold and normal weather. I won’t recommend using it in harsh hot, humid climates for oily skin.

This is the only cream which I would love keeping with me all the time.  It’s not expensive at all and you will get 100 ml which will lasts for ages. Read out my beauty tips for healthy glowing skin.


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