Ten ways to Control Sweat Odor

Sweat odor can ruin your personality not only it’s embarrassing if not treated properly it can cause you trouble in your professional and social life. So how to treat sweat odor properly? There are multiple ways to control sweat odor but here I like to share my own experience the way I treated my sweat odor using few simple and easy ways.

1) Using Mint tooth pastes under arms after a Bath

No matter how surprising this for you this tricks always work when your arms pit smell gross after a busy day. Tooth pastes especially mint based help in removing odor not only from your mouth but it also helps in removing body odor particularly the area where it’s applied.

2) Taking care of Personal Hygiene

Keep your arms pit and whole body clean for that you need to remove unnecessary hair under arms and other body parts. Use good quality bath soaps which helps in removing body odor effectively. Antiperspirant bath soaps also help in removing body odor.  Taking bath at least once a day helps in controlling body odor effectively.

3) Don’t wear too tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes help in more sweat which results in producing more odors. Avoid wearing tight clothes.

4) Apply commercially produced Tartaric Acid

Commercially tartaric acid is available in either powder or solid form. You can either apply under armpits in paste form by mixing few drops of water in one table spoon of tartaric acid. Or either applies it in solid form which is also available in the market. Here I show you the picture of tartaric acid in solid form I apply it under arms after taking shower.

photo 1 photo 2

5) Apply Perfume oils and bath oils

When taking shower use bath oils which helps in removing body odor. Do not use antiperspirants and deodorants as they cause breast cancers and other harmful diseases.

6) Change your clothes and under garments Daily:

By changing your clothes and under garments on daily purpose will result in less sweat. Also changing clothes on daily bases will help you improve your health. Use cotton inner wears rather than nylon and others.

7) Drink mint water and normal water as much as possible

Mint has soothing abilities by drinking mint water you can control sweat odor easily. Mint water can easily be prepared by boiling fresh mint leaves in water. This will also detoxify your body ultimately resulting in less body odor.

8) Eat Fruits and Fresh Diet

Avoid eating junk food always remember we sweat what we eat so if you want to be confident enough then eat fresh fruits and healthy diet which means no burgers, no pizzas or any other fast food.

9) Clean your armpits thrice a day with scented bath soaps

Another easiest way to control under arm sweat odor is to clean your armpits with the help of regular scented bath soaps as I believe there is no other product which can actually remove under arm odor better than regular bath soaps which must be scented.


1-Apply water on your armpits

2-Apply scented bath soap

3-Clean with water

4-Pat dry with tissue paper or towel

10) Relax and do not Stress out your self

One of the most effective tricks is to not completely stress out rather keep calm and relax.  Meditation can also help in removing sweat odor.



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